1. APLOMB (NOUN): self-assurance

Synonyms: nonchalance, equanimity            

Antonyms: fear, gaucheness

Example Sentence: I passed the test with aplomb.


  1. GAUCHE (ADJECTIVE): tactless

Synonyms: bumbling, awkward              

Antonyms: elegant, graceful

Example Sentence: I met a shy and gauche teenager in the college.


  1. ACQUIESCE (VERB): accede

Synonyms: comply, concur              

Antonyms: deny, oppose

Example Sentence: Sara acquiesced in her decision.


  1. GRODY (ADJECTIVE): anomalous

Synonyms: aberrant, disgusting             

Antonyms: conforming, conventional

Example Sentence: They saw an old man with grody yellow teeth.


  1. WANE (VERB): abate

Synonyms: atrophy, decrease              

Antonyms: brighten, develop

Example Sentence: The singer believed her number of fans was starting to wane.



Synonyms: disturbing, painful              

Antonyms: cheerful, happy

Example Sentence: Her poignant remarks hurt me a lot.


  1. UNEQUIVOCABLE (ADJECTIVE): beyond dispute

Synonyms: accurate, authentic              

Antonyms: uncertain, controvertible

Example Sentence: The teacher was impressed by the student’s unequivocal explanation of the complex topic.


  1. BATHETIC (ADJECTIVE): sentimental

Synonyms: drippy, gushy              

Antonyms: unemotional, unsentimental

Example Sentence: The movie manages to be poignant without becoming bathetic.


  1. DANDY (ADJECTIVE): first-rate

Synonyms: marvellous, nifty             

Antonyms: inferior, bad

Example Sentence: Her parents congratulated her on a dandy performance in the local play.


  1. VILE (ADJECTIVE): appalling

Synonyms: despicable, humiliating              

Antonyms: virtuous, agreeable

Example Sentence: The vile banker seemed to take great pleasure in foreclosing on the homes of elderly people.