1. PLOWED (ADJECTIVE): cultivated

Synonyms: bulldozed,tilled

Antonyms: recovered, instilled

Example Sentence: The plowed fields looked beautiful.

  1. SLAPPED (ADJECTIVE): hard hit/imposed

Synonyms: beaten, pat

Antonyms: avoided, saved

Example Sentence: The slapped penalty was too much for him to bear.

  1. EVAPORATE (VERB): dry, dissolve

Synonyms: absorb, vaporize

Antonyms: appear, moist

Example Sentence: The queries evaporated as the light of enlightenment spread everywhere.

  1. FINERY (NOUN): best clothing

Synonyms: apparel, suit

Antonyms: rags, tatters

Example Sentence: The finery wore by him was appreciated by all.

  1. ALUMNUS (NOUN): educated/ ex-student

Synonyms: old grad, alumna

Antonyms: undergraduate, uneducated

Example Sentence: The alumnus of this college is highly qualified.

  1. UNCOUTH (ADJECTIVE): clumsy, uncultivated

Synonyms: awkward, barbaric

Antonyms: agile, couth

Example Sentence: We have many uncouth employees in our organization.

  1. OUTFACE (VERB): defeat someone by beating him to the core

Synonyms: confront, browbeat

Antonyms: pardon, avoid

Example Sentence: The boy outfaced his lousy opponent.

  1. PARASITE (NOUN): an organism that depends on others for survival

Synonyms: leech, bloodsucker

Antonyms: blessing, autotroph

Example Sentence: The parasites must be avoided at all costs.

  1. EVANESCENT (ADJECTIVE): transient

Synonyms: fleeting, momentary

Antonyms: permanent, evergreen

Example Sentence: The evanescent emotions must not be given due importance.

  1. MELANGE (NOUN): mixture

Synonyms: medley, mishmash

Antonyms: constituent, element

Example Sentence: The mélange was extremely dangerous.