1. DOCTOR (VERB):  Interfere

Synonyms: meddle, tinker               

Antonyms: assist, support

Example Sentence: Do not doctor in between the process.


  1. QUIVER (NOUN): Shiver

Synonyms: vibration, shaking    

Antonyms: stillness, calmness

Example Sentence: The train caused quiver at the platform.


  1. NIGGLING (ADJECTIVE):  Insignificant

Synonyms: dinky, worthless           

Antonyms: important, worthwhile

Example Sentence: She always engages herself in niggling tasks.


  1. TRACE (NOUN): Hint

Synonyms: sign, glimmer    

Antonyms: information, lot

Example Sentence: She gave me a trace of her working profile.



Synonyms: winding, circuitous  

Antonyms: straight forward, untwisted

Example Sentence: Rashmi always talks in convoluted manner.


  1. BOLSTER (VERB): Support

Synonyms: undergird , hold up    

Antonyms: drop, undermine

Example Sentence: I used an iron rod to bolster the climber.


7.FAMISHED (ADJECTIVE): Undernourished

Synonyms: skinny, ill-fed    

Antonyms: healthy, well-nourished

Example Sentence: I saw the famished population of Sudan.


  1. TUMBLE (VERB): fall

Synonyms: overturn, topple         

Antonyms: rise, ascend

Example Sentence: He tumbled down.



Synonyms: genuine, unaffected  

Antonyms: insincere, pretended

Example Sentence: I pay my heartfelt regards to them.


10.SWERVE (VERB): Change direction

Synonyms: deflect, diverge   

Antonyms: straighten, go direct

Example Sentence: She swerved the direction of the conversation.