Vocab Of the Day



  1. CONQUEST (NOUN): victory

Synonyms: rout, annexation

Antonyms: forfeit, loss

Example Sentence: The conquest was crucial for regional stability.

  1. DISASTER (NOUN): trouble

Synonyms: calamity, catastrophe

Antonyms: advantage, blessing

Example Sentence: A disaster was averted just in time when the child was caught before falling into the river.

  1. ABSURD (ADJECTIVE): ridiculous

Synonyms: preposterous, goofy

Antonyms: rational, logical

Example Sentence: The absurd answers got the candidate disqualified from the interview.

  1. CONSISTENCY (NOUN): regularity

Synonyms: steadiness, uniformity

Antonyms: incongruity, irregularity

Example Sentence: The consistency of Virat Kohli has been quite high.

  1. MORTAL (ADJECTIVE): deadly

Synonyms: dire, fatal

Antonyms: harmless, mild

Example Sentence: The man was reeking with sweat and experienced mortal fear.

  1. CRAZY (ADJECTIVE): mentally strange

Synonyms: insane, lunatic

Antonyms: sane, sensible

Example Sentence: We have a crazy teammate but we try to treat him nicely.

  1. HACK (VERB): cut without care

Synonyms: chop, mutilate

Antonyms: join, connect

Example Sentence: The boy hacked the onion and cried a lot.

  1. PERIL (NOUN): danger

Synonyms: hazard, pitfall

Antonyms: protection, security

Example Sentence: The peril was well understood by all.

  1. DETECT (VERB): discover

Synonyms: disclose, identify

Antonyms: conceal, cover

Example Sentence: They were able to detect the error.


Synonyms: unfriendly, antagonistic

Antonyms: friendly, amiable

Example Sentence: The hostile enemies were killed.