Vocab Of The Day


Synonyms: choky, confined

Antonyms: airy, cool

Example Sentence: The unventilated hall caused breathing problems to many.


  1. THRIFTY (ADJECTIVE): economical

Synonyms: stingy, prudent

Antonyms: extravagant, spendthrift

 Example Sentence: A thrifty person will never share his wealth.


  1. WARY (ADJECTIVE): careful

Synonyms: attentive, vigilant

Antonyms: inattentive, negligent

Example Sentence: The wary soldier killed the terrorists.


  1. STALE (ADJECTIVE): decayed

Synonyms: spoiled, smelly

Antonyms: fresh, new

Example Sentence: The stale food was eaten by the pets.



Synonyms: equivocal, vague

Antonyms: unambiguous, definite

Example Sentence: His ambiguous accent was very strange for us to understand.


  1. SUFFOCATE (VERB): choke

Synonyms: smother, strangle

Antonyms: loosen, free

Example Sentence: We suffocated the enemy to death.


  1. POSE (VERB): pretend

Synonyms: masquerade, fake

Antonyms: be genuine, refrain

 Example Sentence: Those who pose, get only limited success.


  1. DRIP (VERB): trickle

Synonyms: drizzle, dribble

Antonyms: collect, concentrate

Example Sentence: The blood dripped from the patient as he waited to be registered at the hospital.


  1. ACCOLADE (NOUN): strong praise

Synonyms: distinction, kudos

Antonyms: denunciation, criticism

Example Sentence: They received accolades for their painful efforts.


  1. ADMIT (VERB): allow entry or registration

 Synonyms: accept, concede

 Antonyms: abstain, deny

Example Sentence: The aspirants were admitted in the hospital.