1. EXECUTIVE (ADJECTIVE): managerial

Synonyms: governing, directing

Antonyms: subordinate, peon

Example Sentence: I report to the Chief executive officer of the company.


  1. CRISIS (NOUN): emergency

Synonyms: catastrophe, exigency

Antonyms: boon, harmony

Example Sentence: We must never be afraid of a crisis, we must face and defeat it.


  1. LUBRICATE (VERB): to make smooth

Synonyms: grease, wax

Antonyms: roughen, dry

Example Sentence:  They engineers lubricated many parts of the engine for servicing the vehicle well.


  1. LAUNCH (VERB): to send off

Synonyms: catapult, dispatch

Antonyms: cease, receive

Example Sentence: We have launched the rocket and it will be set in the orbit soon.


  1. CONSERVATION (NOUN): preservation

Synonyms: stewardship, sustention

Antonyms: destruction, neglect

Example Sentence: The Supreme Court has ordered the conservation of wild life.


  1. SCUFFLE (VERB): fight

Synonyms: clash, skirmish

Antonyms: surrender, tap out

Example Sentence: The prisoner was tried for a scuffle with the jailer.


  1. KIDNAP (VERB): hold for ransom

Synonyms: seize, abduct

Antonyms: liberate, release

Example Sentence: They failed to kidnap the kid as we shot them dead before they could get away.


  1. SHELTER (VERB): to give safety

Synonyms: shield, guard

Antonyms: endanger, abandon

Example Sentence: We have to shelter them because they are injured.


  1. EXPLORE (VERB): check

Synonyms: analyze, probe

Antonyms: ignore, overlook

Example Sentence: They will explore the building well before buying it.


  1. HECATOMB (NOUN): mass killing

Synonyms: bloodshed, butchery

Antonyms: peace, prosperity

Example Sentence: They have tried their best to start a hecatomb but we have to stop them at any cost.

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