1. QUAVER (VERB): hesitate

Synonyms: flounder, waver

Antonyms: endure, stable

Example Sentence: He never quavered in giving a quick response.


  1. FALLACY (NOUN): deception

Synonyms: illusion, heresy

Antonyms: truthfulness, accuracy

Example sentence: Sometimes well planned marketing strategies are made under fallacy.


  1. FACILE (ADJECTIVE): skilful

Synonyms: dexterous, adroit

Antonyms: clumsy, arduous

Example sentence: Perfection in any task is result of facile approach.


  1. GLUT (NOUN): oversupply

Synonyms: surplus, plenitude

Antonyms: scarcity, paucity

Example sentence: There is a glut of cars on the market.


  1. HOTFOOT (VERB): hurry

Synonyms: haste, prompt

Antonyms: lull, idle

Example sentence: He rushed hotfoot to the planning office to object.



Synonyms: frightful, abominable

Antonyms: alluring, fascinating

Example sentence: Poor performance in exam was hideous incidence for him.


  1. INTRIGUE (NOUN): manipulation

Synonyms: conspiracy, counterplot

Antonyms: bluntness, honesty

Example sentence: They intrigued a plan to defame him.


  1. SLY (ADJECTIVE): deft

Synonyms: proficient, skilled

Antonyms: immature, incompetent

Example sentence: Sachin Tendulkar is a sly player.


  1. GOAD (VERB): instigate

Synonyms: provoke, arouse

Antonyms: deter, discourage

Example sentence: As a teacher, he was constantly looking for positive ways to goad her students into reading more.


  1. BLASÉ (ADJECTIVE): tired

Synonyms: exhausted, fatigued

Antonyms: refreshed, revived

Example sentence: Continuous work makes him blasé.