1. VULNERABLE (ADJECTIVE): can easily be hurt

Synonyms:  sensitive, unsafe        

Antonyms: guarded, safe

Example Sentence: The new changes are for protection of children and vulnerable road users.


  1. IMPERATIVE (ADJECTIVE): of vital importance

Synonyms: compulsory, crucial

Antonyms: optional, unrestrained   

Example Sentence: It is imperative to have an institutionalised and sustainable data system.


  1. LACUNA (NOUN): deficiency

Synonyms: hiatus, depression        

Antonyms: closure, continuity   

Example Sentence: This lacuna has been addressed for the first time.


  1. INSTANCE (NOUN): an example of something

Synonyms: precedent, proof

Antonyms: hypothesis, theory

Example Sentence: For instance, we have some cases to show you.


  1. STIMULUS (NOUN): encouragement

Synonyms: fillip, incentive  

Antonyms: deterrent, discouragement  

Example Sentence: Countries will need to move beyond monetary stimulus to boost their economies.


  1. SPOOK (VERB): frighten

Synonyms: alarm, panic  

Antonyms: calm, delight

Example Sentence: The central banks have been carefully spooking markets since last year.


  1. RECKONING (NOUN): calculation

Synonyms: estimation, arithmetic

Antonyms: conjecture, guess  

Example Sentence: It seems the day of reckoning may not be too far as consumer price inflation begins to push central banks to rethink their dovish stance.


  1. GARNER (VERB):  reap

Synonyms: assemble, cumulate

Antonyms: disperse, separate   

Example Sentence: The campaign had garnered a lot of support from within the Indian community.


  1. ROOT (VERB): establish deeply and firmly

Synonyms: ingrain, poke  

Antonyms: cover, dislodge

Example Sentence: Turkey launched operation Olive Branch aimed at rooting out the Kurdish People’s rights.


  1. TERSE (ADJECTIVE): abrupt  

Synonyms: brusque, curt  

Antonyms: gentle, polite    

Example Sentence: The terse White House statement came after the Taliban claimed responsibility for a major attack.