1. AGILITY (NOUN): quickness

Synonyms: swiftness, sprightliness

Antonyms: dullness, sluggishness

Example Sentence: When he concentrates on his work, his agility is marvellous.

  1. RAMPART (NOUN) : defensive wall

Synonyms: barricade, fortification

Antonyms: depression, ditch

Example Sentence: The Prime Minister declared from the ramparts of the Red Fort that sovereignty of India is enviable.

  1. QUANDARY (NOUN): dilemma

Synonyms: in a fix, predicament

Antonyms: advantage, good fortune

Example Sentence: Most of the students are in a quandary about their future plans after they have completed their education.

  1. QUIP (NOUN): A clever remark

Synonyms: banter, gag

Antonyms: praise, flattery

Example Sentence: She is quite intelligent and is in the habit of making quips.

  1. PERNICIOUS (ADJECTIVE): destructive

Synonyms: injurious, unsafe

Antonyms: safe, harmless

Example Sentence: Her approach is self-pernicious, she needs to improve a lot.

  1. QUINTESSENCE (NOUN): perfect example

Synonyms: paragon, ideal 

Antonyms: artificial, copy

Example Sentence: Everybody admires her because she is quintessence of benevolence.

  1. QUALMS (NOUN): feeling of doubt

Synonyms: anxiety, apprehension

Antonyms: certainty, calm

Example Sentence: The hardened criminals are the last to feel qualms while committing cruel deeds.

  1. QUIXOTIC (ADJECTIVE): generous

Synonyms: idealistic, dreamy

Antonyms: cautious, pragmatic

Example Sentence: He has not been successful in life because of his non quixotic ideas.

  1. NOXIOUS (ADJECTIVE): harmful

Synonyms: offensive, putrid

Antonyms: helpful, healthy

Example Sentence: Emission of noxious gases causes air pollution.

  1. NARCISSISM (NOUN): self-love and devotion

Synonyms: egotism, selfishness

Antonyms: humility, modesty

Example Sentence: Narcissism leads to selfishness in character.