1. GRIM (ADJECTIVE): horrible in manner

Synonyms: stern, horrid

Antonyms: pleasant, comforting

Example Sentence: The grim experience of the film, was devastating for their morale.


  1. CALLOUSNESS (NOUN): absence of interest

Synonyms: nonchalance, aloofness

Antonyms: compassion, sympathy

Example Sentence: His callousness shows how careful is he.



Synonyms: typical, regular

Antonyms: irregular, unique

Example Sentence: He is a conventional kid and he loves playing.


  1. TOIL (VERB): work hard

Synonyms: strive, moil

Antonyms: relax, idle

Example Sentence: You should toil for attaining success in life without losing enthusiasm.


  1. CONTRAVENE (VERB): go against

Synonyms:  defy, negate

Antonyms: endorse, ratify

Example Sentence: We must never contravene our parents.


  1. SPAWNED (VERB): produce

Synonyms: procreate, hatch

Antonyms: destroy, kill

Example Sentence: We must protect every seed spawned by the farmers of our nation.


  1. CONTEND (VERB): compete

Synonyms:  grapple, skirmish

Antonyms: comply, retreat

Example Sentence: We must contend for the post.


  1. VALOUR (NOUN): boldness

Synonyms:  gallantry, hardihood

Antonyms: irresolution, cowardice

Example Sentence: The qualities of a good combat pilot are “valour” and “quick-thinking”.


  1. AMBIT (NOUN): extent

Synonyms: bounds, extension

Antonyms: midpoint, spotlight

Example Sentence: The ambit of the bullet was enough to cause harm.


  1. FATHOM (VERB): measure the depth (of feeling)

Synonyms: comprehend, penetrate

Antonyms: neglect, misinterpret

Example Sentence: It is hard to fathom the pain felt at the death of a child.