Synonyms:  heroic, daring

Antonyms:  meek, afraid

Example Sentence: Mona is an unblenching lady.


  1. DELICT (NOUN): breach

Synonyms: lawlessness, misdeed

Antonyms: obedience, kindness

Example Sentence: Given evidences showed the sheer delict of all the norms.


  1. UNTOWARD (ADJECTIVE): inappropriate

Synonyms: unexpected, unanticipated

Antonyms: appropriate, anticipated

Example Sentence: Let us take a pledge that no untoward event will disturb this meeting.


  1. GOOF (NOUN): err

Synonyms: mistake, flub

Antonyms: correct, fix

Example Sentence: He admitted his goof.


  1. AMELIORATE (VERB): improve

Synonyms: alleviate, help

Antonyms: aggravate, injure

Example Sentence: Unless we ameliorate the condition of the working class, we cannot expect the prosperity of the country.


  1. GLADIATORIAL (ADJECTIVE): belligerent

Synonyms: cantankerous, contentious

Antonyms: agreeable, good-natured

Example Sentence: Madan is gladiatorial by nature.


  1. GLOAT (VERB): exclaim triumph

Synonyms: relish, crow

Antonyms: be sad, commiserate

Example Sentence: I gloated over my victory.


  1. GUZZLE (VERB): drink down fast

Synonyms: gulp, swig

Antonyms: abstain, sip

Example Sentence: James would guzzle his ale.


  1. PARCH (VERB): arid

Synonyms: bone dry, sear

Antonyms: moisten, dampen

Example Sentence: The blistering summer sun parched the earth.


  1. FROTHY (ADJECTIVE): foamy

Synonyms: bubbly, yeasty

Antonyms: flat, oblate

Example Sentence: She beats the eggs until the mixture become frothy.