Synonyms: attentive, watchful

Antonyms: inattentive, unobservant

Example Sentence: His advertent rude behaviour towards the younger ones will gain him no respect.

  1. AFFINITY (NOUN): fondness

Synonyms: liking, closeness

Antonyms: dislike, hatred

Example Sentence: The writing skills of the two writers reflect affinity.

  1. BRACE (VERB): hold

Synonyms: fortify, grip

Antonyms: loosen, unfasten

Example Sentence: You should brace something when the sand storm hits your area.

  1. SEIZE (VERB): confiscate

Synonyms: command, annex

Antonyms: give, offer

Example Sentence: The king’s army confiscated the town near the valley.

  1. BALK (VERB): thwart

Synonyms: dodge, evade

Antonyms: aid, help

Example Sentence: We need to balk the enemy at the entrance of the fortress.

  1. GAUCHE (ADJECTIVE): awkward

Synonyms: clumsy, inept

Antonyms: elegant, graceful

Example Sentence: Your gauche remarks are not suitable here.

  1. PELF (NOUN): money

Synonyms: wealth, property

Antonyms: poverty, scarcity

Example Sentence: He has a lot of pelf.

  1. QUAKE (VERB): shake

Synonyms: tremble, tremor

Antonyms: stable, fixed

Example Sentence: The Earth quaked when the dinosaurs walked.

  1. SCUTTLE (VERB): hurry

Synonyms: scamper, scurry

Antonyms: walk, crawl

Example Sentence: The boy scuttled across the street.

  1. SUAVE (ADJECTIVE): smooth

Synonyms: gracious, affable

Antonyms: unpolished, unfriendly

Example Sentence:His suave talk is very convincing.