1. ENTICE (VERB):allure

Synonyms: enchant, captivate

Antonyms: disenchant, repel

Example Sentence: Though she didn’t need a new dress, the offer was too enticing to pass up.

  1. DECRY (VERB):criticize

Synonyms: condemn, belittle

Antonyms: approve, flatter

Example Sentence: The people marched to decry the state police for their rude behaviour.

  1. AMITY (NOUN): friendship

Synonyms: amicableness, comity

Antonyms: hostility, hatred

Example Sentence: Because of the amity in the department, everyone looked out for each other.

  1. ARBITRARY (ADJECTIVE):dictatorial

Synonyms: autocratic, domineering 

Antonyms: democratic, rational

Example Sentence: If the company is enforcing arbitrary penalties, you should look for a new place to work at.

  1. IMPASSE (NOUN):difficult situation

Synonyms: stalemate, predicament

Antonyms: solution, breakthrough

Example Sentence: Because of the impasse between the workers, factory have been dysfunctional for more than a month.

  1. GESTALT (NOUN): arrangement

Synonyms: composition, structure

Antonyms: disarray, chaos

Example Sentence: Our cricket team should work as a gestalt as it has to work as a collective unit.

  1. DISPARATE (ADJECTIVE): different

Synonyms: contrasting, distinct

Antonyms: alike, similar

Example Sentence: As there was disparate information on the topic it took longer than expected to compile.

  1. OSSIFY (VERB): become hard from aging.

Synonyms: fossilize, petrify

Antonyms: soften, liquefy

Example Sentence: Deficiency of vitamin D causes early ossification of bones in children.

  1. RECONDITE (ADJECTIVE):mysterious

Synonyms: obscure, abstruse

Antonyms: straight forward, apparent

Example Sentence: The patients waited for the doctor to explain the recondite diagnosis.


Synonyms: courageous, nervy

Antonyms: cowardly, jittery

Example Sentence: To be successful in business, one needs to be intrepid and willing to take risks.