1. DESPOIL (VERB): destroy

Synonyms: desecrate, devour

Antonyms: construct, assemble

Example Sentence: We must despoil our enemy and his objectives.


  1. DETER (VERB): inhibit from action

Synonyms: dissuade, forestall

Antonyms: facilitate, aid

Example Sentence: We must deter from starting a war.


  1. ROGUE (NOUN): A person who deceives

Synonyms: con, crook

Antonyms: naïve, gullible

Example Sentence: The rogue Santa was arrested by the police.


  1. ASCRIPTION (NOUN): credit

Synonyms: acknowledgement, recognition

Antonyms: disclaimer, dishonour

Example Sentence: The employees who work hard, deserve to be given ascription for their ideas.


  1. GLARING (ADJECTIVE): bright

Synonyms: blazing, gaudy

Antonyms: bleak, concealed

Example Sentence: We can be blinded by the glaring light of the nuclear blast.


  1. MALIGNED (ADJECTIVE): harmful in nature or influence

Synonyms: malignancy, malignity

Antonyms: benignity, benignancy

Example Sentence: The maligned employees must be dealt effectively.


  1. DILIGENT (ADJECTIVE): hard working

Synonyms: assiduous, indefatigable

Antonyms: inactive, weary

Example Sentence: The diligent people always get success.


  1. PROWESS (NOUN): bravery

Synonyms: grit, dauntlessness

Antonyms: timidity, meekness

Example Sentence: “Prowess” is the defining trait of a soldier.


  1. QUINTESSENCE (NOUN): perfect example

Synonyms: epitome, unadulterated

Antonyms: fallible, frail

Example Sentence: Rafael Nadal is a quintessence among tennis players.


  1. CONVALESCENT (ADJECTIVE): recovering from illness

Synonyms: ambulatory, healing

Antonyms: regressing, sickly

Example Sentence: I treated him as a convalescent, not as a sick man.