1. ACCESSION (NOUN): coming to throne

Synonyms: raise, increment

Antonyms: decline, compression

Example Sentence: The accession of the prince to the throne was welcomed by the people.

  1. ASSENT (NOUN): agreement

Synonyms: consent, accord

Antonyms: denial, refusal

Example Sentence: I got assent of my father to study in a boarding school.

  1. ADAPT (VERB): adjust

Synonyms: acclimate, comply

Antonyms: unfit, dislocate

Example Sentence: One must learn to adapt oneself to the circumstances of life.

  1. AMICABLE (ADJECTIVE): friendly

Synonyms: amiable, cozy

Antonyms: rude, hostile

Example Sentence: Finally the two brothers came to an amicable settlement.

  1. ALTERCATION (NOUN): wordy quarrel

Synonyms: argument, combat

Antonyms: agreement, peace

Example Sentence: There was altercation between the shop keeper and my brother.

  1. AIL (VERB): hurt

Synonyms: afflict, annoy

Antonyms: help, soothe

Example Sentence: Ravi is getting weaker day by day, we don’t know what ails him.

  1. AFFECTATION (NOUN): unnatural behavior

Synonyms: airs, pretense

Antonyms: reality, naturalness

Example Sentence: I always feel vexed at her affectation.

  1. ADVERT (VERB): refer

Synonyms: attend, consider

Antonyms: disregard, ignore

Example Sentence: He adverted to the problem of Indian security in his speech.

  1. ASPERSION (NOUN): verbal exhibition of bad temper

Synonyms: abuse, detraction

Antonyms: adulation, calmness

Example Sentence: We should not cast aspersions on our friends.

  1. AVENGE (VERB): retaliate

Synonyms: vindicate, punish

Antonyms: cheer, forgive

Example Sentence: Hamlet delayed avenging the murder of his father.