1. ENTERPRISE (NOUN) – adventure

Synonyms- venture, project

Antonyms- idleness, inaction

Example- We will be taking part in a new enterprise.


  1. SHATTER (VERB) – break into small pieces

Synonyms- demolish, smash

Antonyms- build, create

Example- They shattered our hopes of winning a gold medal.


  1. DENY (VERB)- oppose

Synonyms- rebuff, revoke

Antonyms- approve, allow

Example- We denied him permission to carry out the strike.


  1. STARVATION (NOUN)- hunger

Synonyms- famine, malnutrition

Antonyms- supply, plenty

Example- A lot of people face starvation in India.


  1. PEER (NOUN)- person who is another’s equal

Synonyms- associate, companion

Antonyms- inferior, superior

Example-We must respect our peers.


  1. PERVERSE (ADJECTIVE)- troublesome

Synonyms- contradictory, contrary

Antonyms- agreeable, compliant

Example- The perverse student knew a lot of things.


  1. FURIOUS (ADJECTIVE) – extremely angry

Synonyms- enraged, fierce

Antonyms- cheerful, mild

Example- The furious students wanted to oust the principal.


  1. ALTRUISTIC (ADJECTIVE)- unselfish

Synonyms- charitable, humanitarian

Antonyms- stingy, uncharitable

Example- The altruistic students were ready to do anything for their teachers.


  1. DISGUSTING (ADJECTIVE)- sickening

Synonyms- abominable, awful

Antonyms- beautiful, loveable

Example- He was a disgusting creature.


  1. ENMITY (NOUN)- hatred

Synonyms- acrimony, animus

Antonyms- approval, kindness

Example- The enmity kept on increasing.