Vocab of the day



  1. MURKY (ADJECTIVE): obscure

Synonyms: cloudy, dark

Antonyms: bright, apparent

Example Sentence: The plane crashed due to murky weather.



  1. PAROXYSM (NOUN): outburst

Synonyms: seizure, spasm

Antonyms: peace, calm

Example Sentence: She overcome a paroxysm of grief.



  1. CHOLERIC (ADJECTIVE): irritable

Synonyms: peevish, irascible

Antonyms: happy, pleasant

Example Sentence: He was beaten by a choleric old schoolmaster.



  1. MARSHAL (VERB): organize

Synonyms: assemble, mobilize

Antonyms: disperse, disarrange

Example Sentence: The government marshalled its economic resources.



  1. OCCULT (NOUN): supernatural practices and techniques

Synonyms: magic, mystic

Antonyms: open, clear

Example Sentence:He has made a study of witches and the occult.



  1. PREEMPT (VERB): To acquire or take

Synonyms: confiscate, annex

Antonyms: relinquish, surrender

Example Sentence: I’ve preempted the next compartment.



  1. ASPERITY (NOUN): the quality of being hard

Synonyms: harshness, acerbity

Antonyms: sweetness, courtesy

Example Sentence: “I told you he had no idea” she remarked with some asperity.



  1. BEATITUDE (NOUN): a state of supreme happiness

Synonyms: bliss, ecstasy

Antonyms: sorrow, misery

Example Sentence: After qualifying the IBPS PO examination, she was in a state of beatitude.



  1. CAPRICIOUS (ADJECTIVE): changeable

Synonyms: erratic, fickle

Antonyms: constant, predictable

Example Sentence: She may change her mind, she’s very capricious.



  1. DENOUEMENT (NOUN): the outcome of a complex sequence of events

Synonyms: conclusion, result

Antonyms: beginning, opening

Example Sentence: The unexpected denouement of the affair was surprising for all.