1. PENCHANT (NOUN): a strong liking

Synonyms: fondness, inclination

Antonyms: antipathy, dislike

Example Sentence: He had a penchant for playing jokes on people.


  1. PENANCE (NOUN): atonement

Synonyms: punishment, penalty

Antonyms: reward, price

Example Sentence: The penance imposed on him proved light.


  1. PELLUCID (ADJECTIVE): transparently clear; easily understandable

Synonyms: bright, explicit

Antonyms: unclear, doubtful

Example Sentence: Sanjeev’ plan is pellucid therefore I can’t object.


  1. PEJORATIVE (ADJECTIVE): expressing disapproval

Synonyms: negative, debasing

Antonyms: praising, positive

Example Sentence: Naimish used the word in a pejorative sense.


  1. PEEVISH (ADJECTIVE): easily irritated or annoyed

Synonyms: irritable, crabbed

Antonyms: pleasant, cheerful

Example Sentence: Lack of sleep never made me peevish.


  1. PEER (NOUN): person who is another’s equal

Synonyms: companion, compeer

Antonyms: opponent, foe

Example Sentence: His personality made him popular with his peers.


  1. PEDANTIC (ADJECTIVE): marked by a narrow focus on

Synonyms: bookish, didactic

Antonyms: plain, simple

Example Sentence: His lecture was pedantic and uninteresting.


  1. PECUNIARY (ADJECTIVE): relating to or involving money

Synonyms: monetary, financial

Antonyms: nonfinancial, noncommercial

Example Sentence: She denies obtaining a pecuniary advantage by deception.


  1. PALL (NOUN): melancholy

Synonyms: dismay, gloom

Antonyms: happiness, excitement

Example Sentence: His absence cast a pall over the celebration.


  1. PAUPER (NOUN): person who is poor

Synonyms: supplicant, bankrupt

Antonyms: rich, wealthy

Example Sentence: Although Ramesh is a pauper, he wears fancy dresses.