Vocab Of The Day



  1. IMMUTABLE (ADJECTIVE): hanging or unable to be changed

Synonyms: immovable, stable

Antonyms: flexible, mutable

Example Sentence: Some people regard the Ramayana as a book with an immutable set of rules.

  1. CONVULSE (VERB): to cause a sudden shaking movement

Synonyms: shake, agitate

Antonyms: soothe, placate

Example Sentence: A violent shiver convulsed him.

  1. MENDACIOUS (ADJECTIVE): dishonest

Synonyms: deceptive, deceitful

Antonyms: truthful, sincere

Example Sentence: He is a mendacious boy.

  1. UBIQUITOUS (ADJECTIVE): pervasive

Synonyms: omnipresent, everywhere

Antonyms: rare, scare

Example Sentence: Only God is ubiquitous in this world.

  1. REPLETE (ADJECTIVE): abundant

Synonyms: loaded, well-stocked

Antonyms: lacking, needy

Example Sentence: My kitchen is replete with all the groceries.

  1. MULL (VERB): to spend time thinking carefully about a plan

Synonyms: examine, ponder

Antonyms: disregard, ignore

Example Sentence: I need some time to mull it over before making a decision.

  1. MUSTY (ADJECTIVE): smelling damp

Synonyms: polish, enhance

Antonyms: degrade, tarnish

Example Sentence: He climbed the stairs to a lofty, musty room.

  1. CEREMONIOUS (ADJECTIVE): an excess of formality

Synonyms: ritual, formal

Antonyms: informal, unobserved

Example Sentence: A friend’s manners should not be ceremonious.

  1. EXIGENT (ADJECTIVE): urgent

Synonyms: crucial, acute

Antonyms: inessential, trivial

Example Sentence: Mitali has an exigent need for medication, or else she will lose her eye sight.

  1. FERAL (ADJECTIVE): savage

Synonyms: ferocious, wild

Antonyms: domesticated, cultivated

Example Sentence: His pet looks feral.