Vocab Of The Day



1.DECRY (VERB): disparage

Synonyms: condemn, criticize

Antonyms: praise, exalt

Example Sentence:-You can’t gain anything by decrying the success of your rivals.



Synonyms: barren, vacant

Antonyms: filled, complete

Example Sentence:-They can’t trust him because he is devoid of sense of right and wrong.


3.DEFERENCE (NOUN): obedience

Synonyms: compliance, submission

Antonyms: disobedience, ignorance

Example Sentence:-We are advised to act in deference to the wishes of our parents.


4.AMITY (NOUN): friendship

Synonyms: amicableness, comity

Antonyms: hostility, hatred

Example Sentence:-Over the past two decades the countries have lived in amity.



Synonyms: contrasting, distinct

Antonyms: alike, similar

Example Sentence:-Scientists are trying to pull together disparate ideas.




Synonyms: adverse, deadly

Antonyms: favourable, fortunate

Example Sentence:-It will be calamitous if he fails in his exam.


7.CONFORM (VERB): adhere to

Synonyms: adjust, adapt

Antonyms: deny, prevent

Example Sentence:-Your clothes must conform to your school regulations.


8.CHASTISE (VERB): punish

Synonyms: berate, beat

Antonyms: encourage, promote

Example Sentence:-He will be chastised for his unruly behaviour in the class.


9.ARBITRARY (ADJECTIVE): dictatorial

Synonyms: autocratic, domineering

Antonyms: democratic, rational

Example Sentence:-He made a rather arbitrary decision to close the local cinema without consulting other people.


  1. IMPASSE (NOUN): difficult situation

Synonyms: stalemate, predicament

Antonyms: solution, agreement

Example Sentence:-The company has reached an impasse in negotiations.