1. PERFIDIOUS (ADJECTIVE): betraying

Synonyms: deceitful, deceptive

Antonyms: honest, forthright

Example Sentence: His perfidious nature led him nowhere.


  1. OBNOXIOUS (ADJECTIVE): repulsive

Synonyms: disgusting, hateful

Antonyms: agreeable, decent

Example Sentence: His obnoxious habits are enhancing day by day.


  1. PERNICIOUS (ADJECTIVE): destructive

Synonyms: injurious, unsafe

Antonyms: safe, harmless

Example Sentence: Little kid’s pernicious mind had proved fatal to his family.


  1. HUMONGOUS (NOUN): very large

Synonyms: immense, gigantic

Antonyms: small, tiny

Example Sentence: I saw a humongous palace nearby Delhi.


  1. WINSOME (ADJECTIVE): attractive

Synonyms: captivating, delightful

Antonyms: repulsive, unattractive

Example Sentence: Butterfly has winsome wings.



Synonyms: immutable, irreversible

Antonyms: alterable, revocable

Example Sentence: My plan of going to the US is irrevocable.


  1. WILT (VERB): fail

Synonyms: dwindle, fade

Antonyms: develop, expand

Example Sentence: He was wilted at race.


  1. JUBILATION (NOUN): rejoicing

Synonyms: happiness, joy

Antonyms: sadness, sorrow

Example Sentence: When he was engaged in jubilation all his empire was set ablazed.


  1. ANIMUS (NOUN): hostility

Synonyms: bile, mind

Antonyms: friendliness, kindness

Example Sentence: Animus attitude will not work here.


  1. IMPETUOUS (ADJECTIVE): acting without thinking

Synonyms: ardent, impulsive

Antonyms: calm, sensible

Example Sentence: He is an impetuous creature.