1. STIFLE (VERB): Restrain

Synonyms: suppress, repress

Antonyms: release, free

Example Sentence: She makes no attempt to stifle a yawn.


  1. ARCHAIC (ADJECTIVE): Old-fashioned

Synonyms: obsolete, antiquated

Antonyms: latest, modern

Example Sentence: These archaic practices are advocated by people of limited outlook.


  1. PRUNE (VERB): Pare down

Synonyms: trim, reduce

Antonyms: include, increase

Example Sentence: Economic hard times are forcing the companies to prune their budget.


  1. ASCENSION (NOUN): Taking over

Synonyms: succession, assumption

Antonyms: declension, decline

Example Sentence: He was killed after his ascension to the throne.


  1. STIFFEN (VERB): Make or become harder

Synonyms: tighten, solidify

Antonyms:  weaken, dilute

Example Sentence: The blood supply to the skin is reduced when muscles stiffen.


  1. FRET (VERB): To worry

Synonyms: agonize, bother

Antonyms: please, delight

Example Sentence: She was always fretting about something or the other.


  1. ETHEREAL (ADJECTIVE): Extremely delicate

Synonyms: light, sublime

Antonyms: earthly, indelicate

Example Sentence: In this ethereal realm are the currents that make possible wireless telegraphy.


  1. CONTRITE (ADJECTIVE): Chastened

Synonyms: repentant, sorrowful

Antonyms: indifferent, unapologetic

Example Sentence: He was so contrite that he wrote me a letter of apology.


  1. CORNUCOPIA (NOUN): Abundance

Synonyms: bounty, fullness

Antonyms:  need, lack

Example Sentence: I shall come from London Town with a cornucopia of presents.


  1. FLOP (VERB): Slump

Synonyms: fall, drop

Antonyms: succeed, achieve

Example Sentence: She flopped, exhausted, on to the sofa.