1.INVERT (VERB): reverse

Synonyms: transpose, overturn

Antonyms: straighten, persist

Example Sentence: He inverted the entire situation which caused a lot of harm to the team.


  1. SOMBER (ADJECTIVE):depressing

Synonyms: bleak, melancholy

Antonyms: flippant, jovial

Example Sentence: They avoided somber actions which caused them to stay jovial.


  1. BALD (ADJECTIVE):having no covering

Synonyms: shaven, barren

Antonyms: hairy, adorned

Example Sentence:  They have a team of bald players, even their coach is bald.


  1. HOARY (ADJECTIVE):ancient

Synonyms: antique, timeworn

Antonyms: novel, new

Example Sentence: There are many hoary substances in his collection.


  1. SHALLOW (ADJECTIVE): not deep

Synonyms: hollow, trivial

Antonyms: significant, deep

Example Sentence: The article had reported on the shallow claims laid by the state government.


  1. LUMPY (ADJECTIVE):uneven

Synonyms: bumpy, irregular 

Antonyms: systematic, smooth

Example Sentence: The government should ensure a lumpy ride for the foreign investors.


  1. MULTEITY (NOUN):variety

Synonyms: diversification, distinctiveness

Antonyms: identicalness, uniformity

Example Sentence: His horse belongs to the best multeity of Arabian horses.


  1. COMBUSTIVE (ADJECTIVE):able to be exploded

Synonyms: volatile, flammable

Antonyms: noncombustible, nonexplosive

Example Sentence: The combustive materials used for the explosion, are extremely costly.


  1. ENTWINE (VERB):twist around

Synonyms: coil, entangle

Antonyms: untwist, unwind

Example Sentence: They will entwine the case and present it in a different way.


  1. SATRAP (NOUN):ruler

Synonyms: viceroy, governor

Antonyms: servant, butler

Example Sentence: The decision will be taken by the satrap of the nation.