1.SCYTHE (VERB): cut

Synonyms: curtail, slash

Antonyms: combine, collude

Example Sentence: She hurt her finger while scything vegetables.


  1. FANCY (ADJECTIVE):decorative

Synonyms: extravagant, elegant 

Antonyms: plain, simple

Example Sentence: We have organized a fancy dress competition.


  1. THUNDERCLAP (NOUN):loud hitting noise

Synonyms: boom, bang

Antonyms: mumble, murmur

Example Sentence:  Their sound became a thunderclap as the lions roared together.


  1. ABRUPTLY (ADVERB):all of a sudden

Synonyms: unexpectedly, unanticipatedly

Antonyms: expectedly, conceivably

Example Sentence: The speech was stopped abruptly by the opposition.


  1. EPILOGUE (NOUN):summation

Synonyms: postscript, afterward

Antonyms: introduction, preface

Example Sentence: The epilogue of the book was designed beautifully.


  1. PRELUDE (NOUN):beginning of event

Synonyms: prologue, foreword

Antonyms: postlude, ending

Example Sentence: The prelude of the presentation should contain all the relevant details.


  1. INTERLUDE (NOUN): break

Synonyms: halt, intermission

Antonyms: continuation, beginning 

Example Sentence: We had to take a lot of interludes during our work.


  1. PROPOSTION (NOUN):suggestion

Synonyms: proposal, hypothesis

Antonyms: truth, reality

Example Sentence: I need to think on the propositions given by you.


  1. EXPLODE (VERB):blow up

Synonyms: detonate, erupt

Antonyms: implode, mend

Example Sentence: The bomb will explode very soon, we need to evacuate everyone quickly.


  1. WRATH (NOUN):extreme anger

Synonyms: acrimony, fury

Antonyms: calm, peace

Example Sentence: The wrath of the gods shall not be invoked.