1.HELD (VERB): grasped

Synonyms: clutched, detained

Antonyms: freed, liberated

Example Sentence: My niece held me tightly in her arms with a lot of excitement.


  1. SUSPECT (VERB):distrust

Synonyms: presume, speculate

Antonyms: neglect, disregard

Example Sentence: We must never suspect the honesty of our true friends.


  1. PERISH (VERB):decay

Synonyms: cease, crumble

Antonyms: commence, conceive

Example Sentence:  They have been told to perform or perish.


  1. CRISIS (NOUN):problematic situation

Synonyms: catastrophe, contingency

Antonyms: harmony, prosperity

Example Sentence: We need to end the crisis by taking suitable actions.


  1. QUASH (VERB): destroy

Synonyms: annihilate, quell

Antonyms: encourage, praise

Example Sentence: The Supreme Court can quash the orders of the high court.


  1. INTERIM (ADJECTIVE):temporary

Synonyms: provisional, makeshift

Antonyms: permanent, continual

Example Sentence: The prisoner was granted interim bail on the grounds of health conditions.



Synonyms: deplorable, dolent

Antonyms: cheerful, hopeful

Example Sentence: We should avoid getting dolorous about the things that happened in the past.


  1. HIRE (VERB):to commission for a job

Synonyms: employ, delegate

Antonyms: lay off, dismiss

Example Sentence: We are going to hire new employees very soon.


  1. STUMBLING (VERB):slip

Synonyms: stagger, flounder

Antonyms: fix, straighten

Example Sentence: They will be stumbling a lot if you don’t direct them properly.


  1. OPT (VERB):choose

Synonyms: decide, elect

Antonyms: dislike, reject

Example Sentence: They have opted to bat first after winning the toss.