Why did you choose this Bank? or Why do you want to join this Bank?



Why did you choose this Bank? or Why do you want to join this Bank?

This particular question is a critical one, as it is hard to distinguish one bank from the other as each bank has same operational level and same type of profile. You need to prepare a ‘specific’ answer for this question. The following checkpoints shall be satisfied:

  1. Do detailed research about the bank. Get yourself acquainted with each and every aspect of the bank and not only clientele, work culture, governing body etc.
  2. Investigate and find out something that makes the bank to stand out different from the other banks in the sector.
  3. Give a personal touch to your answer. Give your personal reason for wanting to join this bank. For example, you can mention that you have been a client of this bank since a long time and that you like its way of operation. Tell them that while planning your career, this bank have always run in your mind.


What are some of the most significant deals our bank has completed in the last 12 months?

This question lets the interviewer to intrude into the fact that how keen you are to get this job. You, thus, are required to always research about the bank and have detailed knowledge about all the current events involving this bank, especially in the last 12 months. However, it is always better to have a brief overview of the happenings of the banking sector as a whole.

You might even be asked some specific questions about the bank like ‘its stock (share price) and the recent trends in the same and what does that speak about the health of the bank’; ‘who is the CEO and since how long he has been affiliated with the bank’ etc.

Make sure you have all these information on your finger tips when you appear for the interview.