World Economy General Knowledge Questions and Answers


World Economy General Knowledge Questions and Answers

  1. A common currency for the members of the Common Market in Europe is known as
    Ans : Eurodollar


  1. Which is the biggest toy retail chain in the world?
    Ans : Toys R US


  1. What is the code name given to the collective international action under UN authority to protect the Libyan people against Muammar Gaddafi’s forces?
    Ans : Operation Odyssey Dawn


  1. The BRICS economies are
    Ans : Brazil, Russia, India,China, South Africa


  1. A recession is a situation when the level of economic activity (real GDP) has fallen for at least
    Ans : Two consecutive quarters


  1. Which country is the biggest exporter in the world (in US$ terms, 2008)?
    Ans : Germany


  1. Which country in the world consumes the most electricity?

Ans : USA


  1. Which country has the higest rate of homeownership?
    Ans : Spain


  1. Which country is the most competitive in the world ( as reported by the world Economic Forum)?
    Ans: USA


  1. How many countries are members of Association of Southeast Asian Nations(ASEAN)?
    ASns : 10 members


  1. How many countries are members of the European Union?

Ans : 27


  1. How many countries are there in Africa?
    Ans : 54


  1. Which Business School’s Economics Department was ranked 3rd in the world in the 2009 FT Global MBA Ranking?
    Ans : Cranfield


  1. From 1929 to 1932, economic activity in the USA fell by a total of :
    Ans : 31%


  1. The three largest oil producing countries are in the world are?
    Ans : Saudi Arabia, Russia and USA


  1. Who is called the father of Economics?
    Ans : Adam Smith


  1. In which year was the new currency Euro introduced ?
    Ans : 1999


  1. The purpose of the World bank is to?
    Ans : Give international loans for development purposes


  1. Which country is estimated to have Worlds largest Shale gas reserve?
    Ans. China


  1. world’s largest producer of uranium
    Ans : Canada