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IBPS Clerk Prelims Memory Based Paper 2018

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7 Good Questions to Ask During Your College Interview

1. Can you tell me about the ABC and XYZ programs? I’m torn between which program of study I’d like to pursue. What it reveals...
talent hunt quiz answer key 3/04/2019


1.Wishbank recently sanctioned how many million dollar aid for Ganga revitalization program? a. 60 million dollars b. $ 40 million c. 700 million dollars d. 90 million dollars ANSWER: b. The $ 400 million World...
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Topic of the day:-"Question of cooperation" Some of the well-known referendums on independence that were held in recent years include the ones in Scotland in...

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal inaugurates first Plasma bank of the country

1.World Sports Journalists Day: 02 July World Sports Journalists Day is observed on July 2 every year to celebrate the services of sports journalists for...