Awareness campaign on cultivation of aromatic plants launched in J&K


1.Chhattisgarh to set up ’employment mission’

Chhattisgarh government has decided to set up a ‘ Rozgar Mission ‘ under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel to generate about 15 lakh employment opportunities in the state in the next five years . Under this mission, the state government will also leverage the expertise of premier institutes like Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Indian Institute of Management (IIM) and National Institute of Technology to create employment opportunities in the state. Significantly, according to the report released by the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) in the year 2022, the unemployment rate in Chhattisgarh is 2.1%. Thus Chhattisgarh ranks fourth among the states with the lowest unemployment rate.

2.Awareness campaign on cultivation of aromatic plants launched in J&K

With an aim to increase employment opportunities for the youth of Jammu and Kashmir , the government has started a special awareness campaign in Jammu and Kashmir . Cultivation, processing of aromatic plants in KashmirAn awareness campaign has been started for the producers regarding this. Climatically, the Kashmir Valley is suitable for the production of a variety of vegetables, fruits and a good amount of plant material that can be used in medicinal and aromatic activities. The growers participated in the event, which aims to create awareness among the youth to involve them in the cultivation of aromatic plants. With the help of these plants, growers and young entrepreneurs can set up their units. They will also involve other people to generate employment. Through this program they will get knowledge of farming and processing. Under this programme, Scientists and scholars share their knowledge to help growers apply the right approach and avoid losses in production. This awareness program is being organized with the aim of providing proper information to the growers about the cultivation and processing of aromatic plants. The campaign was launched under the CSR flagship programs to help growers take up the cultivation of aromatic plants on a large scale.

3.’World Employment and Social Outlook Report’ released

The International Labor Organization (ILO) has released the “ World Employment and Social Outlook Report ”released its report titled. In this report, the ILO has estimated global unemployment to be 207 million in 2022. Global unemployment will reach 207 million in 2022. This is about 21 million more than in 2019. Total working hours in 2022 will be about 2% below pre-pandemic levels. There will be a shortage of 52 million full-time equivalent jobs in 2022. According to the ILO report, since the beginning of the recovery, employment growth trends in low-income and middle-income countries have been below trends in wealthier economies due to lower vaccination rates and tighter financial conditions in developing countries. Developing countries have high levels of inequality, Have experienced a weaker social security system and more varied working conditions. The projections for 2023 for all sectors show that a full recovery will be very difficult. All sectors may face serious downside risks in their labor market recovery due to the impact of the pandemic.

4.PM Modi delivers special address at Davos Agenda of World Economic Forum

Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented his ‘ State of the World ‘ at the Davos Agenda of the World Economic Forum (WEF) on January 17, 2022.’ Special address. In his address, Prime Minister Modi underscored the role played by India in tackling the COVID-19-led crisis and managing the vaccination campaign. He highlighted the need for restructuring of international organizations like the United Nations. With data, figures and facts on the COVID-19 pandemic, he presented India as a futuristic technology as well as an economic power of the world. He also displayed India as an essential member of the world community. According to the Prime Minister, India has set a record of producing 1.6 billion Kovid vaccines. India has also stood by other countries who were in need amid the pandemic. India follows the vision of ‘One Earth, One Health’. It has supplied COVID vaccines and life saving drugs to about 150 countries.

5.’Cycles4Change’ and ‘Streets for People’ challenge organized

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) organized an online program named “ Cycles4Change ” and “ Streets for People Challenge-Season 2 ”. During the event, the ministry also launched a book titled “ Nurturing Neighburhoods Challenge: Stories from the Field ”. The program was presided over by Manoj Joshi, Secretary, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs. The event was attended by global and Indian officials from partner organisations, representatives of winning cities, officials from central and state governments as well as CEOs of 100 smart cities. During the event, MoHUA announced 11 winning cities for the Streets for People Challenge and 10 winning cities for the Neighborhood Challenge. These cities will now enter the next phase of the challenge.

6.India will organize five events of the BRICS grouping this year

India will organize five events of the BRICS grouping this year. The events are as follows: Meetings of BRICS Startups Forum, Meetings of Working Groups on Energy; Biotechnology and Biomedical; Information Communication Technology (ICT) and high performance computing; Science, Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Partnership (STIEP) Working Group meeting and launch of BRICS Innovation Launchpad as a Microsite (Knowledge Hub). The 15th meeting of the BRICS Science Technology Innovation Steering Committee was held through virtual medium. The calendar of BRICS science technology innovation activities and possible deliberations were discussed during the meeting. India this month chaired the BRICS Chinahanded over to The theme of BRICS this year is – Promoting high quality BRICS partnerships in a new era for global development. Several events and meetings will also be held this year including the Ministerial Meeting and the BRICS Summit.

7.Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman termed the Antrix Dewas deal as a fraud with the country, citing the Supreme Court order

Union Finance and Corporate Affairs Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has hit out at the Congress , saying it should come clean on the Antrix Dewas deal after the Supreme Court order upholding the liquidation of Dewas Multimedia . The Finance Minister said that the National Company Law Tribunal had ordered closure of Dewas in May last year on the plea of ​​Antrix. This was confirmed by the National Company Law Appellate Tribunal in September last year.

8.Completed preparations for organizing AFC Football Women’s Asian Cup India 2022

The preparations for the AFC Football Women’s Asian Cup India 2022 have been completed. The competition is to begin on Thursday. A Khil Indian Football Confederation President Praful Patel while addressing the virtual press conference said that the tournament will give a boost to women’s football in India. Twelve teams are participating in this tournament to be held in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Pune . This will be the final qualifying stage of the Women’s Cup competition to be held in Australia and New Zealand in 2023.

9.A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the National Center for Good Governance (NCGG), Government of India and the National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj (NIRD&PR), Hyderabad.

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the National Center for Good Governance (NCGG) , Government of India and the National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj (NIRD&PR) , Hyderabad , on promoting inclusive good governance, strengthening local institutions and effective implementation of government programs was signed. The main objective of this agreement is to focus on various collaborative activities by harnessing the strengths of these two national institutions to put into practice good governance practices across all programs and schemes. Both the institutions agreed to exchange information and build capacity of officials at all levels of government including Panchayat Raj Institutions (PRIs).

10.Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship signs MoU with IGNOU to link vocational education and training with higher education

The Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship and Indira Gandhi Open University (IGNOU) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to further strengthen the vocational and technical training framework . The objective of this partnership is to combine vocational education and training with higher education, thereby paving the way for India’s youth to access better work opportunities. Trainees belonging to National Skill Training Institutes (NSTIs), Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs), Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Kendras (PMKKs) and Jan Shikshan Sansthans will benefit from this programme. The objective of this program is to help the youth to pursue higher education for better livelihood opportunities and to raise their socio-economic status.

11.Shri Narendra Goenka takes over as the new Chairman of Apparel Export Promotion Council – AEPC

Shri Narendra Kumar Goenka has assumed charge as the new Chairman of Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC) . Padmashree Dr. Sakthivel handed over the charge to him. Taking charge of the Council at the Executive Committee meeting, Mr. Goenka said that we are witnessing a huge growth in apparel exports. This positive upward trend in recent export demand will further intensify in the quarter. Apparel exports grew by 22% to $1.46 billion in December 2021 from $1.20 billion in December 2020, he said. It stood at $11.13 billion in the first nine months of the current fiscal, up 35 percent from $8.22 billion in April-December 2020. Due to this the situation is getting stronger.

12.Government of India deploys Ultra Violet-C disinfection technology

Government of India has approved Ultra Violet-C disinfection technology for testing in Parliament, AC buses and trains .has been deployed. This technology is a great success. It will now be rolled out to the public. Also, this technology will be used during the election meetings of the ECI (Election Commission of India). It has been developed by CSIR-Council of Scientific Instruments Organization under the Ministry of Science and Technology. Ultraviolet Si technology uses wavelengths between 100 nm and 280 nm. UV light namely UV-A and UV-B are transmitted through the atmosphere. UV-B is able to penetrate the outer layer of the skin. It causes skin cancer. UV-C light is filtered by the ozone layer. UV-C radiation has been used to disinfect the air in hospitals for decades. This is a traditional disinfectant treatment.

13.555.55 carat black diamond named “The Enigma” unveiled in Dubai

A 555.55 – carat black diamond named “ The Enigma ” was unveiled in Dubai on January 17, 2022 . It is believed to have come from outer space. It was unveiled by auction house Sotheby’s. The diamond is expected to sell for at least 5 million British pounds (USD 6.8 million). Sotheby’s also plans to accept cryptocurrencies as a possible method of payment. It is believed that this diamond was formed when an asteroid or meteorite collided with the Earth 2.6 billion years ago.

14.explosion at abu dhabi airport

A possible drone strike caused an explosion in Abu Dhabi and destroyed three oil tankers, while another explosion at the Abu Dhabi International Airport killed three people and injured six on January 17, 2022 . Two dead people identified as Indian citizensWhile one person was from Pakistan. Although Abu Dhabi Police did not offer any suspects, Yemen’s Houthi rebels claimed responsibility for the attack. According to Abu Dhabi Police, small flying objects have been detected, possibly related to drones. They fell in two areas which caused the explosion. The second explosion took place in three petroleum transport tankers near a storage facility of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company in the Musaffa area. The UAE has been at war in Yemen since 2015. The UAE was also a key member of the Saudi-led coalition that launched attacks against the Iranian-backed Houthis. Although the UAE has reduced its troops on the ground, it actively engages in warfare and supports major militias against the Houthi.

15.Textiles Ministry approves 20 strategic research projects worth Rs 30 crore

The Ministry of Textiles approved 20 strategic research projects worth Rs 30 crore in the areas of special fibers and geo-textiles . These projects come under the government’s flagship program ‘National Technical Textiles Mission’. Out of 20 research projects, 16 projects of special fiber were approved. It includes:

  1. 5 Projects in Healthcare
  2. 4 Projects in Industrial & Protective Sector
  3. 3 Projects in Energy Storage
  4. 3 Projects in Textile Waste Recycling
  5. 1 Project in Agriculture Sector

Four projects in Geo-textile (infrastructure) were also approved. Several leading Indian institutes, centers of excellence and government organizations including IITs, BTRA, DRDO, etc. participated in the session approving strategic projects for the development of the Indian economy. These projects are a step towards a self-reliant India especially in healthcare, energy storage, agriculture, industrial and protective, textile waste recycling and infrastructure.

16.Guidelines issued for charging infrastructure for EVs

Electric vehicle charging infrastructure has recently been launched by the Ministry of Power.Revised guidelines have been issued for The ministry has issued these guidelines to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles. It allows entities or individuals to build charging stations without the need for a license. although, They have to meet certain technical and safety standards. These guidelines allow users to charge their electric vehicles in their respective offices and homes. These guidelines have sections for public charging stations and individual owners. These guidelines provide Indian and International standards. These guidelines have introduced a revenue sharing model for land use. Government land will be provided to entities interested in setting up charging infrastructure. And Re 1 per unit charge will be charged. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) will create an online database of public charging stations. It will also create software, a web portal and mobile application to maintain the database of stations.

17.Dispute between India and Nepal over Lipulekh

India is currently widening the road to Lipulekh Pass . The Nepali ruling party has recently issued a statement expressing its objection. Along with this, Nepal has demanded from India to withdraw its troops in this area. Nepal also claims Lipulekh, Kalapani and Limpiyadhura areas . Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently said that India is working to extend the road up to the Lipulekh pass. He made these remarks during his visit to Haldwani in December 2021. Since then the border dispute has arisen again. In 2020, Nepal published the revised political map. The map covered the Limpiyadhura areas, especially the source of the Kali River.

18.Haryana reserves 75% jobs for local residents in the private sector

Haryana State Employment of Local Candidates Act was passed in the year 2020. This act will create 75% jobs for the local residents of the state.keeps it safe. This Act applies to all partnership firms, companies, trusts, societies and any organization employing 10 or more persons. This Act does not apply to the State and Central Government. This act will be applicable for 10 years i.e. till 2030. Employers in the state will be provided 75% jobs to local candidates. These jobs are the ones which provide salary up to Rs 50,000. Employers have to register all their employees on a specified portal. Employers can claim exemption if there are not enough local candidates with the required skills. Evaluation of this exemption will be done by the Deputy Commissioner. The Deputy Commissioner may accept or reject this claim. He may also instruct the employer to provide formal training to the candidate.

19.India-China trade review in 2021

Trade between India and China stood at around $125 billion in 2021 . India’s imports from China were USD 100 billion. Most of the import demands were in machinery. India faced a trade deficit of $69.4 billion with China in 2021. This was 22% higher than the trade deficit faced in 2019. Indian imports from China were 20% higher than in 2019. On the other hand, Indian exports to China grew by 56% between 2019 and 2021. Indian exports to China stood at $28.1 billion in 2021. But still, India’s imports from China are USD 100 billion. In 2021, the major Indian exports to China were cotton, iron ore and raw material-based goods. Electrical machinery, mechanical machinery, medical supplies such as oxygen concentrators, active pharmaceutical ingredients, semiconductor equipment, electric batteries.

20.’Collarwali’ tigress dies in Pench Tiger Reserve

The ‘ collarwali ‘ tigress died recently in India’s Pench Tiger Reserve . Forest Department of Madhya Pradesh StateThe ‘collarwali’ tigress’ was cremated by This tigress died at the age of 16. The collarwali tigress was born in 2005. She was instrumental in increasing the tiger population in the Pench Tiger Reserve. She gave birth to 29 cubs in her lifetime. This is a world record. In 2005, the collared tigress gave birth to three cubs. They didn’t survive. In 2018, she gave birth to four cubs. In 2010, she gave birth to five cubs. It is very rare for tigresses to give birth to more than three or four cubs. That’s why she was called “Supermom”. This tigress was wearing a collar. They are worn with collars to keep an eye on the movements of tigers in the forest. She is the first tigress to get a collar in the Pench Tiger Reserve.

21.Vice President condoles the demise of cartoonist Narayan Debnath

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu has condoled the demise of noted cartoonist Narayan Debnath . Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee have condoled his death. His first comic strip ‘ Handa-Bhonda ‘ was published in the year 1962 in ‘ Suktara ‘, a children’s Bengali magazine published by Deb Sahitya Kutir . This was followed by the publication of ‘ Bantul the Great ‘ in the year 1965 and ‘Nonte-Fonte’ in the year 1969. Debnath continued working till the age of 93 and in the year 2017 his last comic strip ‘ Nonte-Fonte ‘ was in the Durga Puja version of Suktara.‘ was published. Debnath was born in a jewelery business family in Shibpur, Howrah. Devnath was also awarded the Banga Bhushan , the highest honor of the Government of West Bengal in 2013. Debnath was awarded the Padma Shri in the year 2021 , but he could not go to Delhi to receive it. State Home Secretary BP Gopalika and Cooperation Minister Arup Roy handed over the medal and citation to Debnath at the hospital on Thursday. He was awarded the Sahitya Akademi Award in the year 2013 .