Current Updates (IN ENGLISH) of 12 Dec. 2016


1.When is the International Anti-Corruption Day observed?
A.December 7
B.December 9
C.December 10
D.December 6

Answer  –  B.December 9



2.On December 8, 2016, Union Finance Minister announced several incentive programmes to promote cashless economy. Which among the following statement is true regarding the incentive measures?
i.Consumers will get a discount of 0.50 % to make digital payment while buying petrol and.
ii.Online Railway Ticketbooking will attract free accident insurance cover of Rs. 10 lakh.
iii.Online purchase of new insurance policy of PSUs will deliver 10% discount on General Insurance and 8% discount on life Insurance policies
A.Only ii
B.Only i & ii
C.Only ii & iii
D.All correct

Answer  –  C.Only ii & iii



3.Where was the India-UK Conference on Ease of Doing Business inaugurated  which began on December 8, 2016 ?
C.New Delhi

Answer  –  C.New Delhi



4.Uttarakhand High Court on December 8, 2016 has directed the state government to impose complete ban on liquor in which districts of the state from next financial year to raise the level of nutrition and the standard of living in the society?
A.Rudraprayag, Chamoli, Almora
B.Uttarkashi, Rudraprayag, Chamoli
C.Uttarkashi, Dehradun, Rudrapur
D.Rudraprayag, Almora, Nainital

Answer  – B.Uttarkashi, Rudraprayag, Chamoli



5.Which autonomous body on December 7, 2016 has directed to impose a ban on the use of newspapers for wrapping or packing of food item, as the newspaper ink can contaminate food items leading to serious health concerns?
A.World Health Organisation (WHO)
B.Department of Food and Public Distribution
C.Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)
D.Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)

Answer  –  C.Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)



6.What is the rank of India in the Global Terrorism Index (GTI),2016?

Answer  – A.7


7.Which country has emerged top most in the Global Terrorism Index (GTI),2016, for being the worst country to be impacted by terrorism in 2015?

Answer  – B.Iraq


8.Which has bagged a contract from Gujarat Cricket Association (GCA) to convert the Sardar Patel Cricket Stadium of Gujarat into world’s biggest cricket stadium in terms of seating capacity?
A.Godrej Prop
B.Ansal Housing
C.DLF Limited
D.Larsen & Turbo (L&T)

Answer  –  D.Larsen & Turbo (L&T)


9.How much amount will be spent by NABARD for deployment of Point of Sales (PoS) devices in one lakh Indian villages having a population of up to 10,000 to promote digital transaction in rural area.
A.Rs. 225 Crore
B.Rs. 120 Crore
C.Rs. 108 Crore
D.Rs. 95 Crore

Answer  – B.Rs. 120 Crore


10.Who has been appointed as the new director of National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA) replacing Rajeev Lochan?
A.Rajeev Lochan
B.Sabeena Gadihoke
C.Adwaita Gadanayak
D.Ahmad Ngma

Answer  – C.Adwaita Gadanayak


11.Who has been appointed as Non-Executive Chairperson of Mumbai based IDFC Bank with effect from December 9, 2016 up to July 26, 2018?
A.Rajiv Lall
B.Anil Baijal
C.Vinod Rai
D.Veena Mankar

Answer  –  D.Veena Mankar 


12.Name the Android App launched by the Indian Army on December 6, 2016, dedicated to the Army Veterans & Veer Naris.
A.Veer Outreach App
B.Veterans Reachout App
C.Veterans Outreach App
D.Veterans Outroute App

Answer  – C.Veterans Outreach App


13.Name the TV Channel launched by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY),on December 9, 2016 to educate and digitally empower millions of Indians in rural areas about cashless transactions.

Answer  – B.DigiShala


14.Which University’s Researchers have recently discovered the presenceofhot atomic hydrogen (H) atomsin the second-highest layer of Earth’s atmosphere known as thermosphere?
A.Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres, Germany
B.Harvard University,United States
C.University of California, Los Angeles
D.University of Illinois, US

Answer  – D.University of Illinois, US


15.Who has won the 2016 IBSF World Billiards Long Up title on 8 December 2016?
A.Peter Gilchrist
B.Rupesh Shah
C.Dhvaj Haria
D.Sourav Kothari

Answer  – A.Peter Gilchrist


16.Name South African swimmer who broke his own world record in the men’s 100m butterfly final of FINA short course world swimming championships held at Windsor, Ontario on December 8, 2016. 
A.Chad le Clos
B.Florent Manaudou
C.Nicholas Santos
D.Kosuke Hagino

Answer  – A.Chad le Clos


17.Name the legendary American astronaut and senator, first to orbit the Earth, who passed away on December 8, 2016 at the age of 95.
A.Marc Garneau
B.John Glenn
C.Jake Garn
D.Stephen M. Young

Answer  – B.John Glenn


18.What is the Theme of the 2016 International Anti-Corruption Day?
A.Be Honest And Fight Corruption
B.Corruption: Eating Away From The Inside Out.
C.Break the Corruption chain
D.United against corruption for development, peace and security

Answer  – D.United against corruption for development, peace and security


19.The Samata Express Train which has been renamed as Vizag Steel Samta to promote brand Vizag Steel runs between which stations?
A.Bangalore City and New Delhi
B.Visakhapatnam and Mathrua
C.Visakhapatnam and Hazrat Nizamuddin
D.Secunderabad Jn and Lokmanyatilak T

Answer  – C.Visakhapatnam and Hazrat Nizamuddin


20.Name the special train inaugurated on December 9, 2016,from Kurukshetra Railway Station,as a part of Gita Mahotsav, which will ply between Kurukshetra and Mathura.
A.Gita Jayanti
B.Krishna Express
C.Bhagvad Jayanti
D.Gita Express

Answer  –  A.Gita Jayanti


21.Which Country finalized the “major defence partner” status to India on December 8, 2016, to encourage cooperation and share high-end defence technology with India?

Answer  – C.US


22.With which country India has signed a Civil Nuclear Cooperation Agreement (N-Pact) on December 9, 2016, in New Delhi?

Answer  – D.Vietnam


23.According to the Social Development Report (SDR) 2016, what percentages of Persons with Disability (PWD) are illiterate in India?

Answer  – B.45%


24.What is the theme of Social Development Report (SDR) for 2016 is ‘Disabilities Rights Perspectives’ ?
A.The State in a Changing World
B.Making Services Work for Disabled
C.Disabilities Rights Perspectives
D.The Challenge of Development

Answer  – C.Disabilities Rights Perspectives


25.Where was the 28th State Information Ministers Conference (SIMCON), 2016 organized by the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting from December 9 to December 10, 2016?
D.New Delhi


Answer  – D.New Delhi


26.Name the campaign launched by the Ministry of Electronics and IT on December 9, 2016, to promote awareness and educate the rural people about cashless transactions.
A.Cashless Economy for All
B.Digi Money Campaign
C.Digi Dhan Abhiyan
D.Digital India Campaign

Answer  – C.Digi Dhan Abhiyan


27.Which Court on December 9, 2016 struck down the Rajasthan Special Backward Classes (SBC) reservation Act 2015 that allowed for 5% quota to Gujjars and five other communities of the state?
A.Kolkata High Court
B.Mumbai High Court
C.Delhi High Court
D.Rajasthan High Court

Answer  – D.Rajasthan High Court


28.The Committee on Digital Payments constituted by the Finance Ministry, to review existing payment systems in the country and recommend appropriate measures for encouraging Digital Payments, submitted its report on 09 December 2016. Who was the Chairman of the committee?
A.Ratan P. Watal
B.Ashok Lavasa
C.Arvind Mayaram
D.Hasmukh Adhia

Answer  – A.Ratan P. Watal


29.What was the theme of the First India-China Think-Tanks Forum which was held in New Delhi from December 9 to December 10, 2016?
A.From Strategic Partnership Towards Comprehensive Strategic Partnership
B.Towards a Closer India-China Developmental Partnership
C.Enhancing Spirit of Friendship and Openness
D.Moving Ahead to Develop Asia-Pacific region

Answer  – B.Towards a Closer India-China Developmental Partnership


30.Who has been chosen by the Canada’s Government, as the first women to be featured on the new Canadian $ 10 currency note, effective from 2018?
A.Denise Ho
B.Jodie Emery
C.Viola Desmond
D.Maggie Helwig

Answer  – C.Viola Desmond


31.What is the theme of Human Rights Day 2016?
A.Our Rights. Our Freedoms. Always.
B.My Voice Counts
C.Every day is Human Rights Day
D.Stand up for someone’s rights today

Answer  –  D.Stand up for someone’s rights today


32.Which country was the first to introduce Plastic Banknotes ?
C.New Zealand

Answer  – B.Australia


33.The Government of India, has partnered with which technology giant on December 8, 2016 to conduct research on water and air quality monitoring?

Answer  – D.Intel


34.Which movie has won the Hollywood Independent Documentary Awards 2016 under the ‘Best Foreign Documentary Feature’ category?
A.Raising the Bar
B.A Queer Country
C.The Russian Woodpecker
D.Hard Earned

Answer  –  A.Raising the Bar


35.Who has been appointed as the new CEO of Coca-Cola on December 10, 2016 ?
A.Peter Chou
B.Indra Nooyi
C.Muhtar Kent
D.James Quincey

Answer  – D.James Quincey


36.Who has won the 2016 Ghana’s National Election to become president elect?
A.John Dramani Mahama
B.John Atta Mills
C.Nana Akufo-Addo
D.Samuel Atta Akyea

Answer  –  C.Nana Akufo-Addo


37.Who has been appointed as the new Member of the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) by the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet?
A.Rajendra Kumar
B.Nishi Singh
C.Gopal Mukherjee
D.Sushil Chandra

Answer  – A.Rajendra Kumar


38.Name the online food-delivery service that has acquired its competitor Foodpanda  on December 10, 2016 for an undisclosed amount. 
A.Just Eat
B.Delivery Chef
C.Big Bite
D.Delivery Hero

Answer  –  D.Delivery Hero


39.Which space agency successfully launched a Kounotori 6 (HTV-6) spacecraft on December 9, 2016, to deliver a space junk collector technology into orbit?
A.National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
B.Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)
C.Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
D.Russian Federal Space Agency (RFSA or Roscosmos)

Answer  –  C.Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)


40.Name the two Mobile App launched by Kerala Government on the occasion of International Anti-Corruption Day on December 9, 2016, to end corruption in the government and semi-government institutions.
A.AC Kerala and Bribr App
B.ArisingKerala and Whistle Now
C.Adipoli and Arumbu
D.Arumbu and Whistle Now

Answer  –  B.ArisingKerala and Whistle Now


41.When is the Human Rights day celebrated?
A.December 11
B.December 10
C.December 7
D.December 9

Answer  –  B.December 10


42.The Ministry of AYUSH has organized the 9th Annual Meeting of International Regulatory Cooperation for Herbal Medicines (IRCH) from 8-10 November, 2016 in which city?
D.New Delhi

Answer  – D.New Delhi


43.The Reserve Bank of India on November 23, 2016 has increased the maximum limit of e-Wallet/ Prepaid Payment Instruments (PPIs) from Rs. 10,000 to ____?
A.Rs. 20,000
B.Rs. 15,000
C.Rs. 17,000
D Rs. 12,000

Answer  –  A.Rs 20,000


44.The International Conference on Brucellosis 2016 was inaugurated in which city?
C.New Delhi

Answer  – C.New Delhi


45.Which state government has decided to launch “Annapurna Rasoi Programme” to provide quality meal at cheap price to weaker section of people?
A.Andhra Pradesh

Answer – D.Rajasthan


46.Akodara in Sabarkantha district of Gujarat which has become the first Digital Village in India had been adopted by which bank in 2015?
A.Yes Bank
B.State Bank of India
C.Axis Bank

Answer  – D.ICICI Bank


47.Bollywood movie Pink To Be Screened at UN Headquarters on Special Invitation. Who is the director of the movie Pink?
A.Ritesh Shah
B.Rashmi Sharma
C.Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury
D.Shoojit Sircar.

Answer  – C.Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury


48.What is India’s rank among 136 economies in Global Enabling Trade Report 2016 of World Economic Forum (WEF)?

Answer  – C.102


49.Which Indian-American women has been Nominated to the Administration of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services of United States?
A.Nikki Haley
B.Pramila Jayapal
C.Dr. Seema Verma
D.Kshama Sawant

Answer  – C.Dr Seema Verma


50.Which bank has launched a new digital transaction service namedSIMsePAY, that allows customers of the bank to do money transfers, pay bills and other mobile banking services, without the need for smart phones or internet ?
A.RBL Banl
C.Yes Bank

Answer  – C.Yes Bank


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