PM Modi launched mYoga App

1. India ranks 120th in Sustainable Development Report 2021
According to the sixth edition of the ‘ Sustainable Development Report 2021 ( SDR 2021 )’ released by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network ( SDSN ) , India has been ranked 120 out of 165 countries with a score of 60.1 . Finland topped the index, followed by Sweden and Denmark . For the first time since 2015, all countries have shown a reversal in progress in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) due to the COVID-19 pandemic. SDR 2021 is written by a group of authors led by Professor Jeffrey Sachs, Chairman of SDSN, and published by Cambridge University Press.
2. India and US launch hydrogen task force
According to the US India Strategic Partnership Forum ( USISPF ), India and the US have formed a hydrogen task force under the “ Strategic Clean Energy Partnership ( SCEP )”.which will boost India’s energy security efforts. The task force was launched by the US Department of Energy, the Union Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) and USISPF. It will represent industry and government stakeholders and assess the state of technology, study innovative policy options This task force will help to reach the goals of decarbonizing, highly polluting industrial areas and achieving a greener and cleaner planet. It will bring together industries and academia with the aim of integrating private sector inputs and adopting the latest technology and business models to develop and deploy hydrogen technologies.
3. PM Modi launched mYoga App
Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the sum of the International Day on the occasion of mYoga app launched and ” to cooperate with the sum given mantra”. This app is a great example of the fusion of modern technology and ancient science. mYoga app has been launched to provide yoga training videos which will be available in different languages ​​across the world. Currently it is available in English, Hindi and French languages. It will be launched in other UN languages ​​soon. The app will play a big role in the expansion of yoga across the world. This app has been launched in collaboration with World Health Organization (WHO).
4. Montek Ahluwalia named member of World Bank-IMF High Advisory Group
Planning Commission deputy chairman, Montek Singh Ahluwalia ( Montek Singh Ahluwalia ) to the World Bank and the IMF one formed by high-level Advisory Group was named a member of. Jointly led the group Marie Pangestu ( Mari Pangestu ), Sela Pajrbasiyoglu ( Ceyla Pazarbasioglu ) and Lord Nicholas Stern ( Lord Nicholas Stern) do. The group was formed by the World Bank and the IMF in the wake of the twin crisis posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change. Mari Pangestu is the Managing Director of Development Policy and Partnerships of the World Bank. Sela Pazarbasioglu is Director of the Department of Strategy, Policy and Review, International Monetary Fund. The group will also include Gita Gopinath. Gita Gopinath has served as an economic consultant and director of the research department at the IMF.
5. Ministry of Tribal Affairs and NCERT partnered for NISHTHA (NISHTHA)
The Ministry of Tribal Affairs and NCERT ( National Council of Educational Research and Training ) have joined hands to fulfill the vision of the Ministry to achieve academic excellence in Eklavya Model Residential Schools ( EMRS ). This partnership aims to achieve excellence among 120 EMRS teachers and principals of the three states that 40 days loyalty program ( NISHTHA Programme is completed). NISHTHA stands for “ National initiative for School Heads’ & Teachers’ Holistic Advancement”. It is a national flagship program of NCERT. It is a capacity building program initiated with the objective of building competencies between teachers and school principals. It seeks to improve the quality of school education through Integrated Teacher Training.
6. India ranked 51st in terms of money deposited in Swiss banks
According to the ‘ Annual Bank Statistics for 2020 ‘ released by the Swiss National Bank ( SNB ) , the central bank of Switzerland , India will be credited with Swiss franc ( CHF ) 2.55 billion ( INR 20,706 crore ) in the list of foreign customers’ money in Swiss banks during 2020. in the 51st place . The United Kingdom ( UK ) tops the list with CHF 377 billion , followed by the US (152 billion). India in the case of foreign customers’ money in Swiss banks; New Zealand was ahead of countries such as Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary, Mauritius, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.
7. Naveen Patnaik releases ‘Beyond Here and Other Poems’ by Bishnupada Sethi
Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik ( Naveen Patnaik ) senior bureaucrat Bishnupada Sethi ( Bishnupada Sethi book of poems written by) ” Beyond Hair and Other Poems ( Beyond Here And Other Poems released). It is a collection of 61 poems, which reflect a spectrum of life experiences, the notion of death, and philosophical thought. Eminent writer Haraprasad Das has written the foreword. The cover design of this 161-page book has been made by eminent artist Gajendra Sahu. Principal Secretary, Department of Information and Public Relations, Sethi has authored several poems and other books including ‘My World of Words’ and ‘Beyond Feelings’.
8. Amitabh Ghosh’s new book ‘The Nutmeg’s Curse: Parables for a Planet in Crisis’
Library prizes awarded and acclaimed author Amitav Ghosh ( Amitav Ghosh ) by ‘ The Ntmeg’s Curse: Parebls for a Planet in Crisis ( The Nutmeg’s Curse: Parables For A Planet In Crisis ) has written a book called’. It is published by John Murray. The book talks about the history of the impact of colonialism on the world today through the story of nutmeg.
9. India becomes 5th largest recipient of FDI in 2020: United Nations
According to the UN report, India received 64 billion dollars in Foreign Direct Investment ( FDI ) in 2020 . India has become the fifth largest recipient of FDI inflows across the world . “ World Investment Report 2021 ” has been released by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development ( UNCTAD ). According to this report, global FDI inflows have been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. FDI inflows in 2020 have declined by 35% to USD 1 trillion from $1.5 trillion in 2019. The worldwide lockdown has slowed down the possibilities of existing investment projects and multinational enterprises to start new projects.
10. Central government will connect new agricultural technologies with farms in the Northeast region
Northeast India to small and marginal farmers government for the benefit of innovative agricultural technologies ( Innovative Agricultural Technologies is working towards linking fields). It mainly Biotech-Farmer Program ( Biotech-KISAN Programme will focus on women under). The Department of Biotechnology has issued a special call for the North Eastern Region under this program which will help in understanding the local issues of the farmers and provide them scientific solutions. where 70% of its workforce earns livelihood in agriculture and allied sectors.
11. Notification issued for Karnataka Coastal Zone Management Authority
Environment, Forests and Climate Change Ministry of Karnataka Coastal Zone Management Authority ( Karnataka Coastal Zone Management Authority has been notified about the formation). This notification has been issued under the Environment Protection Act, 1986 . The Karnataka Coastal Zone Management Authority is a 15-member body constituted to protect and improve the quality of the coastal environment. Its primary function is to prevent, reduce and control environmental pollution in the Coastal Regulation Zone of Karnataka. Secretary, State Forest, Ecology and Environment Department, Bengaluru. The tenure of the present members is three years.
12. Chile will draft a new constitution
Chilean President Sebastian Pinera ( Sebastian Pinera as), Chile’s legislature in a country draft a new constitution will be prepared, which will take place at the constitution inherited from the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet (Augusto Pinochet). Its first session will be held on July 4. The constitution will be rewritten after widespread political consensus following the 2019 violent social protests against inequality in Chile. A referendum was held in favor of which 78% voted on October 25, 2020. Convention new The constitution represents a great opportunity to achieve and will be recognized and respected by all Chileans under the framework of unity and stability towards a future democracy. were elected in.
13. Ease of Living Index: Bengaluru is the ‘most livable’ city
Center for Science and Environment ( CSE issued) ease of Living Index 2020 in Bangalore has been named as the most livable city in India. The Ease of Living Index 2020 is part of the report titled India’s Environment State 2021 . Bengaluru is followed by Chennai , Shimla , Bhubaneswar and Mumbai as the top five best cities respectively. The report focused on four parameters to ease the living standards of each city, which are: quality of life, economic potential, sustainability and citizens’ perception. The Ease of Living Index 2020 is the second edition of the index after it was first launched in 2018.
14. PAN will be declared ‘inoperative’ if it is not linked before June 30, 2021
The Central Board of Direct Taxes ( CBDT ) had recently extended the deadline for linking Permanent Account Number ( PAN ) with Aadhaar number till June 30, 2021 due to difficulties arising out of the ongoing COVID pandemic . So now as the deadline is approaching, here are some guidelines that should be kept in mind. According to the new section 234H of the Income Tax Act 1961, which has been recently introduced during Budget 2021, PAN cards that are not linked to Aadhaar after June 30, 2021, will be declared “inoperative”, as well as a A fine of thousand rupees may also be imposed. On the other hand, the person will be treated as a person without PAN card.
15. Max Verstappen wins 2021 French Grand Prix
Max Verstappen ( Netherlands – Red Bull ) has won the 2021 French Grand Prix . The race is the seventh round of the 2021 FIA Formula One World Championship. With this win, Max Verstappen has 131 points and is now ahead of Lewis Hamilton (119 points) in the Formula One drivers’ title race after seven matches. Lewis Hamilton (UK-Mercedes) finished second and Sergio Perez (Mexico- Red Bull) third.
16. International Yoga Day: 21 June
Yoga on the many benefits of exercise to raise awareness worldwide of the United Nations every year on June 21 globally International Yoga Day ( International Day Of Yoga celebrates). Yoga is an ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated in India. The word ‘yoga’ is derived from Sanskrit and means to join or to meet, symbolizing the union of body and consciousness. Recognizing the important role of yoga, this year’s commemoration of the International Day of Yoga Yoga for Wellness ( Yoga For Well-Being focused on).
17. world music day
Every year on June 21 the ” World Music Day is held. The main objective of organizing this day is to promote peace and harmony through music. The idea of ​​organizing this day was first conceived in the year 1981 by the then Culture Minister of France. Maurice Fleuret , then French Minister of Culture, who played an important role in the beginning of ‘World Music Day’He himself was a famous musician, journalist and radio producer. On the occasion of this day, music competitions and concerts are organized in different countries of the world including India. In the present time, music has become such a powerful medium, which is also being used by scientists to provide freedom to the person from mental diseases and ailments. According to many studies and experts, music can also prove to be helpful in reducing stress and providing better sleep. It is worth noting that the field of music is full of immense possibilities even as a career and at present youths are adopting music.
18. International Solstice Celebration Day
International Solstice Celebration Day ( International Day Of The Celebration Of The Solstice ) June 21is celebrated globally. The day brings awareness about the solstices and equinoxes and their importance to many religions and ethnic cultures. The International Day of Solstice Celebrations was declared by the United Nations General Assembly on 20 June 2019 under resolution A/RES/73/300. The solstice is the point at which the Sun is at its greatest distance from the globe and the equinox is the lowest point in space. Both the solstice and the equinox have their own significance for Christians, Muslims and other religions. The word solstice is derived from the Latin sol (“sun”) and sistere (“to remain stationary”) because the seasonal motion of the Sun’s diurnal path (as seen from Earth) is at its northern or southern boundary before reversal. “Stagnation”, an occasion that occurs when the Sun reaches its northernmost or southernmost day-arc relative to the equator. so,