Talent Hunt Answers 04/09/2018


1.Krishna Kutir, which is in news recently, is associated with which union ministry?

[A] Ministry of Home Affairs
[B] Ministry of Tribal Affairs
[C] Ministry of Rural Development
[D] Ministry of Women & Child Development

ANSWER:  D [Ministry of Women & Child Development]

The Krishna Kutir is a special home for 1000 widows set up by the Ministry of Women & Child Development (MoWCD) under the Swadhar Greh scheme. It is said to be the largest-ever facility of its kind created by a government organization, which will be inaugurated by Maneka Sanjay Gandhi and UP CM Yogi Adityanath at Vrindavan in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh on 31st August 2018. The new widows’ home has been constructed to mitigate the plight of widows living in pathetic condition in Vrindavan. The design of the four-storey building has been prepared in consultation with the non-governmental organisation, HelpAge India. It consists amenities like ramps and lifts for senior citizens and differently-abled people. The facility is also equipped with a large modern kitchen and a skill cum training centre. The construction of the home has been funded by Central Government and will be managed by the Government of Uttar Pradesh.


2.Which European country has sanctioned Euro 120 million soft loan to India for National Clean Ganga Mission?

[A] France
[B] Belgium
[C] Germany
[D] Spain

ANSWER: C [Germany ]

Germany has sanctioned a soft loan of euro 120 million ( approx Rs. 990 crore) to India for National Clean Ganga Mission & to strengthen sewage water treatment infrastructure in Uttarakhand. The purpose of the project is to reduce the inflow of untreated waste water in River Ganga & to improve the water quality of the river. The project would focus on extension and replacement of sewerage system (around 360Km) including complete house connection, construction of sewage treatment plants of around 15 million litres per day (mld).The initiative also includes construction of 13 sewage pumping stations. Beside this, the German development agency GIZ has prepared a ‘Ganga Box’ that aimed to target schools-going children and inform them about the river. The concept ‘Ganga book’ was planned on the lines of ‘Danube Book’ when the cleaning of Rhine River was undertaken. The Ganga book would have information mythological, socio-cultural, economic importance about the river and suggestions to avoid pollution, like not dumping plastic in the water body.


3.Which state government has organised an interactive programme “Mil -Banche” in government schools of state?

[A] Madhya Pradesh
[B] Gujarat
[C] Uttar Pradesh
[D] Himachal Pradesh

ANSWER: A [Madhya Pradesh]

The Madhya Pradesh government has organized an interactive programme “Mil -Banche” in government schools of state on August 31, 2018. It is a first of its kind initiative i.e. being organized for multi-dimensional development of children through language skill up-gradation, reading other books in addition to textbooks, developing interest in understanding and other co-curricular activities. Over 2 lakh volunteers who have registered for the programme include 820 engineers, 843 doctors, 36 thousand employees of private sector, 19 thousand public representatives and around 45 thousand government employees and officers. Volunteers will read out one chapter of any book from either the school library or the Hindi textbook during the programme. After the reading session, the students present in the class will be asked interesting questions and will be introduced to the art of conversation and reading after group discussion.


4.Which Indian sprinter clinched gold in men’s 1500m race at the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games?

[A] Rajiv Arokia
[B] Govindan Lakshmanan
[C] Manjit Singh
[D] Jinson Johnson

ANSWER:  D [Jinson Johnson]

Indian sprinter Jinson Johnson from Kerala clinched gold with a timing of 3 minutes 44.72 seconds in men’s 1500m race at the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games on August 30. He also holds the credit of winning silver in the 800m track event at the ongoing event, finishing behind compatriot Manjit Singh, who won the Gold. With this, India achieved a rare one-two in men’s 800m at the 18th Asian Games 2018. It was India’s only second one-two finish in 800m at the Games since Ranjit Singh and Kulwant Singh achieved the feat at the inaugural edition held in New Delhi in 1951.


5.India has signed $346 million loan agreement with which International organisation for road improvement in Karnataka?

[C] World Bank


The Government of India (GoI) has signed a $346 million million loan agreement with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for Karnataka State Highways lmprovement lll Project (KSHIP-lll). Under KSHIP-III, about 419Kms of state highways will be upgraded to two- and four-lane roads and will involve reconstruction as well as widening and strengthening of bridges and culverts. It will enhance connectivity and access to economic centers across 12 districts in the state. The key element of the project is the use of hybrid annuity contracts to increase participation of private sector and improve quality & sustainibility of road assets with performance based maintenance period of 7 years post construction. The project will also carry out a road safety audit to identify and mitigate critical accident blackspots across the state highway network and strengthen the institutional capacity of the Karnataka Public Works, Ports, and lnland Water Transport Department (IWTD).