1. Which Indian bank will set up 100 digital villages across the country?

[A] Punjab National Bank

[B] Dena Bank

[C] State Bank of India

[D] Vijaya Bank

Correct Answer: D [Vijaya Bank]


2.Which city is hosting the 2017 Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) summit?

[A] Dushanbe

[B] Astana

[C] Beijing

[D] Tashkent

Correct Answer: B [Astana]


  1. What is the theme of 2017 World Oceans Day (WOD)?

[A] Protect your Ocean

[B] Healthy Oceans, Healthy Planet

[C] Our Oceans, Our Future

[D] Youth: the Next Wave for Change

Correct Answer: C [Our Oceans, Our Future]


  1. Who have been appointed as the new Independent Directors of India Post Payments Bank (IPPB)?

[A] Girraj Sharma and Anupam Seth

[B] Vinod Saxena and Nitin Khanna

[C] K G Karmakar and Gauri Shankar

[D] Jai Singh Narvaria and Trilok Chand Gupta

Correct Answer: C [K G Karmakar and Gauri Shankar]


  1. Which city to host the second edition of National Health Editors’ Conference on Yoga -2017?

[A] Bhopal

[B] New Delhi

[C] Lucknow

[D] Jaipur

Correct Answer: B [New Delhi]