1.National Consumer Rights Day is celebrated in India on which of the following day?
a. 24 December
b. 12 March
c. 15th May
d. August 28

ANSWER: a. 24 December

2.Which Indian player has won the bronze medal in the international skiing competition held in the European country Montenegro?
a. Rachel Kanwal
b. Aanchal Thakur
c. Anshu Jamsenpa
d. none of these

ANSWER:  b. Aanchal Thakur

3.Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has successfully test-fired High Speed ​​Expandable Aerial Target off the Chandipur coast of Odisha, what is its name?
a. bow
b. Weapon
c. Trident
d. Practice

ANSWER: d. Practice

4.The Eternal Gandhi Museum (EGMH), being built in Houston, USA, has received a grant of how many million dollars from Fort Band County under the American Rescue Plan?
a. $2.75 million
b. 4.75 million dollars
c. $6.75 million
d. $7.75 million

ANSWER: b.4.75 million dollars

5.In which of the following categories the Central Government has announced to include women commandos?
a. Z plus security
b. Y class security
c. X class security
d. Jade Security

ANSWER: 5. a. Z plus security The