1. BILGING (VERB): blow up like a balloon

Synonyms: inflate, swell

Antonyms: compress, shrink

Example Sentence: The parachute started bilging.


  1. DOWNPLAY (VERB): minimize

Synonyms: lessen, devalue

Antonyms: increase, maximize

Example Sentence: He downplayed all the problems by his approach.


  1. DETERRENT (NOUN): restraint

Synonyms: hindrance, obstacle

Antonyms: assistance, encouragement

Example Sentence: He took care of all the deterrents while achieving his tasks.


  1. ABLATE (VERB): wear away

Synonyms: erode, melt

Antonyms: improve, solidify

Example Sentence: The painting ablated with time.


  1. ACIDULATING (VERB): upset

Synonyms: annoy, aggravate

Antonyms: aid, soothe

Example Sentence: He acidulated his colleague by his stupid comments.


  1. ANKLING (VERB): walk casually

Synonyms: loiter, meander

Antonyms: stay, run

Example Sentence: The students were ankling in the class.


  1. ANNEALING (VERB): strengthening

Synonyms: harden, toughen

Antonyms: soften, weaken

Example Sentence: The annealing of soldiers require rigorous training.


  1. ANTIQUITY (NOUN): old object

Synonyms: antique, relic

Antonyms: convention, modernity

Example Sentence: They antiquities found in the fort are priceless.


  1. PARAPET (NOUN): bulwark

Synonyms: barrier, barricade

Antonyms: opening, vent

Example Sentence: He used the parapets to stop the crowd.


  1. BOGEY (NOUN): ghost

Synonyms: goblin, phantom

Antonyms: humans, beings

Example Sentence: We slayed all the bogies.