Vocab Of the day


 1.RETRIBUTION (NOUN): punishment

Synonyms: nemesis, penalty

Antonyms: forgiveness, pardon

Example Sentence: Students asked not to be named, saying they feared retribution.

2.INVEIGH (VERB): blame

Synonyms: accuse, denounce

Antonyms: compliment, laud

Example Sentence: Some used the opportunity to inveigh it on the top officials.

  1. SLOTHFUL (ADJECTIVE): comatose

Synonyms: dallying, inert

Antonym: diligent, enthusiastic

Example Sentence: Rahul has become a slothful person these days.

  1. LOITER (VERB): walk casually

Synonyms: drift, amble

Antonyms: walk stably, stay

Example Sentence:Tripti was loitering around.

  1. INCLEMENT (ADJECTIVE): extremely cold

Synonyms: harsh, intemperate

Antonyms: pleasant, warm

Example Sentence: Mountaineers should be prepared for inclement weather.

  1. AGOG (ADJECTIVE):eager

Synonyms: anxious, avid

Antonym: composed, unafraid

Example Sentence: Sheetal is an agog girl, she always wants to do something new.

  1. DELVE (VERB):inquire

Synonyms: burrow, prospect

Antonyms: ignore, neglect

Example Sentence: The scientist is determined to delve deeper into the matter.


Synonyms: bonfire, inferno

Antonyms: blizzard, cold wave

Example Sentence:The conflagration consumed the entire convenience store.

  1. CONVENE (VERB): assemble

Synonyms: collect, gather

Antonyms: disperse, scatter

Example sentence: Ashmit had convened a secret meeting of military personnel.


Synonyms: contracted, articled

Antonyms: liberated, developed

Example Sentence: The trailer was indentured to the truck.