1. UNWARRANTED (ADJECTIVE) – not reasonable

Synonyms– gratuitous, unconscionable

Antonyms– justifiable, reasonable

Example– The judge criticized the lawyer for his unwarranted accusations against the accused.


  1. HARMONIC (ADJECTIVE) – harmonious

Synonyms– symphonic, rhythmical

Antonyms– dissonant, cacophonic

Example– The harmonic voice of the singer was suitable for the song.


  1. COVET (VERB)– desire strongly

Synonyms– crave, fancy

Antonyms– abhor, dislike

Example– Many of us covet success without making efforts.


  1. BAG (VERB)– catch

Synonyms– nail, acquire

Antonyms– liberate, forfeit

Example– All of us bagged a terrorist in the camp.


  1. ERADICATE (VERB)– destroy

Synonyms– abolish, annihilate

Antonyms– keep, establish

Example-We eradicated all the barriers on our way.


  1. OPPRESSION (NOUN)– hardship

Synonyms– domination, despotism

Antonyms– kindness, delight

Example– The oppression faced by us must not stop us from achieving our goals.


  1. ELIMINATION (NOUN) – removal

Synonyms– destruction, eradication

Antonyms– addition, inclusion

Example– The elimination faced by the people of the earth in the movie “Independence Day” was horrible.


  1. SUPPRESS (VERB)– restrain

Synonyms– censor, curb

Antonyms– promote, assist

Example– The leader suppressed his unruly teammates.


  1. PEER (VERB)– scan

Synonyms– gape, gawk

Antonyms– ignore, neglect

Example– He peered at the newcomers.


  1. GRUMPY (ADJECTIVE)– in a bad mood

Synonyms– cantankerous, crotchety

Antonyms– cheerful, pleasant

Example– The grumpy leader tried to kill his subordinate with the wire of a mouse.