Q1.  Liquid Nitrogen boils at

Ans   :  77 kelvin 


Q2.  Total number of elements in the Periodic table

Ans: 118 


Q 3. Which one is the lightest element in the periodic table

Ans: Hydrogen 


Q 4.  Which one of the following is most electronegative

Ans:  Carbon 


Q 5.   Hydrogen bonding is maximum in
Ans:  Ethanol 

Q 6.  Which one is the purest form of carbon

Ans:  Diamond 


Q 7.   Which one is the naturally occuring heaviest element

Ans: Uranium 


Q 8.   What is the mass percentage of oxygen in carbon dioxide (CO2)

Ans. 72.70% 


Q 9.   Normal rainwater is slightly acidic due to the presence of
Ans:  Carbon dioxide 

Q 10. Which one element has the lowest electronegativity value

Ans:  Francium 


Q 11.  What is the atomic number of mercury

Ans:  80 


Q 12.  Which color is produce by Arsenic during flame test

Ans : Blue


Q 13. Except mercury which is the other metal that is liquid at standard conditions for temperature and pressure

Ans : Bromine 


Q 14. In a Carbonyl group a carbon atom makes double bond with

Ans: Oxygen 


Q 15. Which one is the most dense liquid from the below

Ans :  Choloform