‘Dustlik 2024’ joint military exercise between India and Uzbekistan


1 ‘Dustlik 2024’ joint military exercise between India and Uzbekistan

The fifth edition of joint military exercise ‘ Dustlik ‘  between India and Uzbekistan will be held  from   April 15 in Termez district of Uzbekistan.  will be held in . Exercise Dustlik 2024 is the 5th edition of the joint military exercise ‘Dustlik’ between India and Uzbekistan. This 14-day exercise will be conducted in Termez District of Uzbekistan from 15 to 28 April 2024. A training session will also be organized between the participating contingents of the Indian Armed Forces and the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan to strengthen the foundation of cooperation and future military interactions.

2 Government issues tender for purchase of 97 LCA Mark-1A fighter planes

Ministry of Defence , Government of India  has issued a tender for procurement of 97 indigenously manufactured LCA Mark-1A fighter aircraft  from   Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) . Their cost   is likely to be more than Rs 65 thousand crore . This  will be the largest ever order for indigenous military equipment placed by the Government of India  . LCA Mark-1A is the modernized version of Tejas aircraft. The Defense Ministry has recently issued this tender to HAL. He has been given three months time to respond regarding this tender.

3 India one of the top mismanaged plastic waste producers in the world

 According to a recent report  by Switzerland  -based non-profit group  EA Earth Action , India is among the top twelve countries in the world responsible for 60 percent of the earth’s mismanaged plastic waste  .  The Plastic Overshoot Day report  was released by EA Earth Action on 12 April 2024. Eritrea  tops  the mismanaged waste index  while Bermuda  is at the bottom . The higher a country’s rank in the index, the greater the plastic waste mismanagement in that country. Mismanaged plastic waste refers to plastic waste that is not properly recycled, incinerated or placed in a sealed landfill. It is mainly thrown in the open, polluting the soil, land, water or air. Plastic overshoot day refers to the expected day when the amount of plastic waste generated will exceed what can be managed by the waste management system. According to the report, the world is likely to generate more plastic waste than is managed this year till September 5, 2024. The report says that almost half the world’s population will be living in areas by April 2024 where plastic waste already exceeds the capacity to manage it. India is expected to reach Plastic Overshoot Day on 23 April.

4 Indian Air Force in Operation Meghdoot

Operation Meghdoot  was  launched on   April 13, 1984 , when the Indian Army and the Indian Air Force (IAF)  advanced towards the Siachen Glacier  to secure the high altitude areas of  the northern Ladakh region  . This important operation included airlifting of Indian Army personnel by the Indian Air Force through its aircraft and taking them to the glaciated peaks. Although this operation formally started in 1984, many helicopters of the Indian Air Force were serving in Siachen Glacier since 1978. Chetak helicopters  were being flown  here  and it was the first helicopter of the Indian Air Force to land in this glacier in October 1978  .

5 Nano-sensor unveiled for disease tracking at IIT Jodhpur

 Researchers at  the Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur (IIT Jodhpur)  have unveiled a groundbreaking nano-sensor designed to rapidly detect  cytokines, important proteins that regulate various cellular functions  . The innovation aims to tackle the high mortality rate caused by delayed diagnosis and lack of early warnings in disease progression. Cytokines, key biomarkers of inflammation, are helpful in diagnosing diseases and monitoring their progression. They play important roles in various medical fields including tissue repair, cancer progression and immune system modulation, laying the foundation for precision medicine and targeted therapies.

6.Citroen becomes the first multinational company to export EV from India

French  automaker  Citroen  has become the first multinational carmaker to export electric vehicles (EVs) produced in India  to the international market. The company   announced the start of exports of its locally manufactured ë-C3 by sending an initial shipment of 500 units to Indonesia  from  Kamarajar Port .

7 Adani Green Energy built the world’s largest renewable energy park in Khavra, Gujarat.

Adani Green Energy Limited, an  Adani Group  company,   is building the world’s largest renewable energy park  in  Khavra in  Kutch district   of  Gujarat . This park is spread over 538 square kilometers, which is almost five times larger than the total size of the French capital, Paris. The total capacity of Khavra plant will be 30 GW. Adani Group will invest Rs 1.5 lakh crore in this project. Currently, 2 GW of renewable energy is being produced from this park, and 4 GW capacity will be added by March 2025. Thereafter, 5 GW capacity will be added every year.

8 Two-day strawberry festival in Meghalaya

 Two-day  Strawberry Festival in Meghalaya  has started . Its objective is to encourage farmers to cultivate strawberries and promote agri-tourism in the state.

9 PhonePe partners with eSewa and HAN Pokhara

PhonePe in collaboration with  eSewa  and  Hotel Association of Nepal (HAN) Pokhara ,  is all set to promote UPI  during  the Phewa New Year Festival in Nepal. More than 3,000 traders will participate in the festival and more than 1,00,000 visitors are expected. PhonePe said in a statement that it will run on-ground activations aimed at increasing awareness about digital payments among local merchants while showcasing the convenience of digital payments to customers.

10 First sport to give prize money to medal winners in Olympics: Track and Field

World Athletics  has announced that it   will give prize money to athletes who win gold medals  at  the Paris Olympics 2024 .  Track and field  became the first sport to offer prize money in the modern OlympicsEarlier only amateur players were allowed to participate in the modern Olympics. Later, professional athletes, especially tennis, basketball and golf players, were allowed to compete in the Olympics. But no cash prize is given to any winner by the International Olympic Committee that organizes these Olympics. However, many countries, national sports bodies etc. give cash prizes to their athletes as an incentive for winning medals in the Olympics. World Athletics, the world athletics governing body, said it  has created a fund of $2.4 million for the purpose  . Each gold-winning track and field athlete in 48 men’s, women’s and mixed events at the Paris Olympics  will receive prize money of $50,000. The relay team will divide the prize money.

11 New Year festivals in India

Recently in India, traditional Hindu New Year festivals like  Chaitra Shukladi, Ugadi, Gudi Padwa, Chetichand, Navareh and Sajibu Cheraoba are  celebrated all over India.  These spring  festivals mark the beginning of the traditional New Year in   India . Chaitra Shukladi  marks the beginning of the new year of Vikram Samvat  which is also known as Vedic (Hindu) calendar. Vikram Samvat is based on the day when  Emperor Vikramaditya  defeated  the Shakas , invaded Ujjain and invoked a new era. Gudi Padwa and Ugadi festivals are celebrated by the people of the Deccan region including Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. Chetichand is the New Year festival of the Sindhi community. Baisakhi, celebrated by Hindus and Sikhs, commemorates the formation of the Khalsa sect of warriors under Guru Gobind Singh in the year 1699. Baisakhi also marks the day when officials of the colonial British Empire carried out the Jallianwala Bagh massacre during a gathering, an influential event for the Indian movement against colonial rule.

12 105 years of Jallianwala Bagh massacre completed

The Amritsar massacre also known as the  Jallianwala Bagh massacre , is one of the most tragic episodes of India’s freedom struggle.  On  April 13, 1919 , General Dyer  ordered his troops to open fire on an unarmed gathering at Jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar, killing and injuring hundreds. In 2024, India will observe  the 105th anniversary of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre  which serves as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made in the pursuit of freedom.