International Kite Festival will begin in Ahmedabad, Gujarat


1. President Mrs. Draupadi Murmu presented Digital India Award – 2022

President Mrs. Draupadi Murmu Ne New Delhi in Seventh Edition of Digital India Awards Awarded to the winners of। Digital india award Seven categories Are provided in। The awards are also aimed at motivating start-ups and grassroots digital initiatives with government institutions। The Digital India program is envisaged to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge-based economy। Digital India Awards have been instituted under the aegis of the National Portal of India। Information related to information and services being provided by government institutions at all levels is provided on this portal। Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare A major initiative of E-name Digital India Award 2022 Digital Citizen Empowerment Category in Platinum Award Has won। E-Nam is a digital platform integrating 1260 APMC mandis in 22 states and 3 union state territories to facilitate online trade of 203 agricultural and horticultural commodities To enable farmers to obtain better beneficial prices for their produce।

2. Prime Minister Naren Dr Modi congratulated the people of Rajya on opening Kangla Nongpok Thong in Manipur।

Prime minister Naren Dra Modi Ne Manipur in Kangla Nongpok Thong Congratulations to the people of the state on opening। The eastern gate of Kangla is considered a path of peace, prosperity and prosperity for the people of Manipur। Chief Minister of Manipur N. Biren Singh In response to a tweet from, it expressed hope that the spirit of peace, prosperity and prosperity will increase throughout the state। It is the site of excursions and dispensed festivities on the east bank of the Imphal River which has been developed by Imphal Smart City Ltd।

3. Financial Minister Nirmala Sitaraman will join the credit outreach program in Rajasthan’s quota

Financial minister Nirmala Sitaraman Rajasthan K quota Will visit। They Credit outreach programWill participate in and interact with the coaching students। During this time, more than 31 thousand beneficiaries will be given a loan of more than one thousand 407 crores rupees। These loans will be given under the government’s welfare schemes – Prime Minister’s Currency Scheme, Self-Assistance Group Credit Linkage, Farmers Credit Card, Stand Up India Scheme and Prime Minister Employment Generation Program। Entrepreneurs related to manufacturing, food preservation and public services will also be given an opportunity to strengthen their financial position। Loans of up to one lakh 60 thousand rupees have been ensured through the cattle rancher farmer credit card for the cattle ranchers। Rehri-patri shopkeepers will be provided with 10 thousand rupees through the Prime Minister Swadhi scheme and up to 50 thousand rupees to small entrepreneurs working in the construction and services sector।

4. International Kite Festival will begin in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

International Kite Festival 8 January from Gujarat K Ahmedabad Starting in। Governor Acharya Devvrat Sabarmati Riverfront But will inaugurate this festival। Organized by Gujarat Tourism G20 Someth ‘One earth, one family, one future‘ Is being done accordingly। The event is also being held in the extreme Surat, Vadodara, Rajkot, Dwarka, Somnath, Dhordo and Kevadia of Ahmedabad।

5. India- Japan Joint military exercises Veer Guardian-2023 will continue from 12 January to 26 January।

India and Japan Of this month 12th from Japan K Hayakuri Military Airport Indian Air Force on and Japan Air self defense force Joint military Veer Guardian-2023 Is ready for। This joint practice 26 January Will continue till and its objective is to promote air defense cooperation between the two countries। Four Sukhoi M. in Indian day. K. I., two C-17s and one I. L. 78 fighter aircraft will be involved। There will be four F-to and four F-15 war planes from Japan।

6. Chief Minister of Karnataka released the symbol and mascot of National Youth Festival

Karnataka Chief Minister Basvraj Bommai Ne Karnataka in Hubli and Dharwad Held in 12th to 16th of this month National Youth Festival Released the symbol and mascot। Minister of Central Youth Program and Sports on this occasion Anurag Thakur And Minister of Central Parliamentary Affairs Prahlada Joshi Virtually was present। The Rail Board has announced that special coaches will be installed for the participants in all trains coming to Dharwad। The theme of the 26th Youth Festival is– Developed Youth – Developed India। Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the festival on 12 January। The National Youth Festival, which runs for five days, will consist of seven thousand five hundred participants from across the country।

7. Kevin McCarthy became the Chairman of the Lower House-House of Representatives of Parliament in the United States

America in Republican Party leader of Kevin McCarthy Lower House of ParliamentHouse of repressants Has become the Chairman of। He was selected from the longest election of the last 160 years। Mr. McCarthy, 57, received 216 votes। He will preside over the proceedings of the House and will be the second strong contender for the post of President। Mr. McCarthy was selected after 15 rounds of voting lasting more than four days।

8. Astro Tourism – A Sky Gauging Event at India Gate in Delhi

Delhi in India Gate on Astro Tourism – A Sky Gauging Event Organizing National Science Museum Council Ne Nehru Memorial Museum and Library Have done in collaboration with। Minister of Culture Arjun Ram Meghwal Inaugurating this, it said that this program will be helpful in developing scientific thinking among the people। The program includes talks with astronomers, exhibitions, stories related to astronomical objects, experience of viewing the moon’s crater with binoculars, photographic panel exhibitions and astro-photography। This three-day program is a good opportunity for children of all age groups to learn।

9. Military Tattoo and Tribal Dance Festival – ‘Adi Shaurya – Feast of might’ will be held at Nehru Stadium on 23 January

Republic Day Celebration 2023 As part of and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Of 126th Jubilee ( Day of might To celebrate ) as observed Musical presentation by armed forces And Tribal Dance Festival ‘Adi Shaurya – Feast of might‘ 23 and 24 will be held on January 2023 at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi। The Ministry of Defense has said that the two-day festival will showcase the beauty of the armed forces and the distinctive beauty of India’s tribal culture। Military tattoo in the program – Paramotor gliding, hot air balloon, horse show, motorcycle exhibition, air soldier drill, Traditional dances of naval bands and tribal artists from across the country will also be performed। The Ministry of Defense has said that the objective of the Festival is to remember the sacrifice of the knights of the country and celebrate the rich cultural heritage that has made India so unique and diverse। The goal of the festival is to show respect to the Shaurya of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose,To adopt the true spirit of India and to resolve the creation of a strong and prosperous India। The Ministry of Defense and Tribal Affairs are jointly organizing this festival।

10. The country’s first coal gasification and tormented Talcher fertilizer plant will be held in October next year.

Kenryan History and Family Calvan and Minister of Chemicals and Fertilizers Doctor Mansukh Mandavia Has said that Odisha in Country’s first coal gasification and tormented Talcher fertilizer plant next year October I will be ready। The Kendri minister gave this information after reviewing the construction works of the plant at Talcher on the second day of his Odisha visit।

11. Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Education organized ‘Section’ on Music and Drama tradition

Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Education Ne 5-6 January 2023 to Tamil Nadu K Thanjavur In SASTRA ( Invalid University ) Brahat, Oriental and Sangam Talks On music and theatrical tradition in collaboration with ‘section’ organized। ‘section’ Amrit Festival of Independence Under the auspices of the K is a series of conferences to create awareness, preserve and promote many domains of the Indian knowledge system। The event aims to create a Vision Document 2047 to revive and popularize our theatrical arts traditions and effectively address the challenges facing this ecosystem To do।

12. Odisha’s wake mission honored with the World Habitat Awards 2023

Odisha Of Wake up mission ( Jaga Mission ) World Habitat Awards 2023 Is one of the winners of। This award world Habitat Is provided by and UN-Habitat Is organized in partnership with। World Habitat is a charity organization recognized by the United Nations Department of Public Information। Largest in Jag Mission Odisha Land ownership and slum upgrade scheme Is and is one of the biggest plans in the world। Year 2017The mission of the Jag is to improve the living and social equality of the urban poor। This ambitious project is being carried out by the Housing and Urban Development Department of the Government of Odisha and aims to make Odisha the first slum-free state in India।

13. Eucalyptus Reserve: an optimal habitat for the endangered Asian elephant

Eucalyptus Landscape, full of diverse climate and vegetation, rich in biodiversity and worldwide Endangered asian elephant Has the largest single populated area। However one study found that Eucalyptus Biosphere Reserve Now for the endangered Asian elephant Ideal housing ( Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Kerala ) NoStayed। Elephant movement has been affected due to the development of human settlements and the plurality of agriculture, due to which they are confined to mountainous areas considered to be sub-optimal habitats। In these sub-optimal habitats, animals of this size reduce their chances of survival due to hazardous areas। Studies have shown that when barriers are created, especially in sloping areas, So their circulation is blocked due to which the gene flow decreases। This may eventually increase the risk of extinction of these endangered species।

14. Ready to take a meaningful step in water treatment with the country’s largest liquid waste treatment plant using Andhra Pradesh phytorid technology

Tirupati Municipal Corporation ( MCT ), Andhra Pradesh Phytorid technique using Country’s largest liquid waste treatment plant Ready to take a meaningful step in water treatment with। Phytorid technology has been developed by the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) of the Scientific and Industrial Research Council ( CSIR)। It is being used rapidly for various types of biodegradable wastewater in India। The technology includes a built wetland specifically designed to treat municipal, urban, agricultural and industrial wastewater। This technology works without electricity, minimal maintenance, low manpower and mainly self-dependent।

15. Shakti Mehra, elected chairman of Ratna and Jewelry Council

All Indian Gems and Jewelry Domestic Council ( GJC) Members of Two years (2023-24 ) for the duration of Restraint arches Chairman of the industry body and Rajesh Bhandra Has been elected Vice Chairman। GJC represents more than 6,00,000 people and companies associated with the industry, including manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, distributors, laboratories, gemstones, designers and affiliated service providers। Mehra said in a statement that we will be in touch with the government on all the pending issues of the industry and will work closely with it to make things favorable।

16. Homeopathic physician Dr. AK Dwivedi’s book ‘ Human Anatomy ’ released by the Governor of Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh Governor of Mr. Mangubhai Patel In the ceremony Hindi human anatomy A medical book in ‘Human AnatomyReleased ’, which Dr. Dwyvedi Written by is a very useful book for medical students of all courses related to medical education। Dr. AK Dwivedi Indore Professor and HOD Physiology SKRP is the homeopathic doctor of Gujarati Homeopathic Medical College Indore and Central Homeopathy Research Council, The Ministry of Ayush ( Government of India ) has members of the Scientific Advisory Board।

17. Tamil Nadu government inaugurates Octave 2023

Tamil Nadu Governor of RN Ravi Said that over time the country’s outlook on the Northeast has changed and those states have now become part of India’s development stories। They Octave 2023 Inaugurating, the Northeast states are now part of the “stories of emerging India, Because they have been bubbling up with the same development and aspirations as other regions of the country। To showcase the indigenous arts and culture of North East India here, under the auspices of the South Region Cultural Center, Thanjavur।

18. Bandhan Bank launched the Trust ‘ campaign where Bandhan, there

bonding bank Bank’s brand ambassador Saurav Ganguly With ‘Where there is bond’ campaign launched। ‘ Where Bond, Vehicle Trust ’ campaign was conceived by Leo Burnett Orchard, brought in August 2022 as the creative agency of Bandhan Bank। The campaign emphasizes the ‘ trust ’ that the brand has earned over a period of seven years as a bank and in various incarnations before the bank over the last two decades Has been able। The campaign uses the metaphor of Ganguli’s career, who became bank customers soon after the bank started 7 years ago।

19. US approves world’s first vaccine use for bees

America Ne world first vaccine use approved for bees Has given। this American Full brood disease Was designed to prevent deaths from। United States Department of Agriculture ( USDA ) Biotech Company Dalan Animal Health Has given a conditional license to the world’s first vaccine for bees developed by। The vaccine will initially be available to commercial beekeepers and aims to protect against American full brood disease caused by bacterium Panibacillus larvae।

20. National Single Window System Portal created new record by giving more than 75 thousand approvals

Center, State and Union Territories Of National Single Window System Portal for Differential Recommendations by More than 75 thousand approvalsA new record has been created by providing। So far, acceptance applications have been received from a total of 4 lakh 20 thousand visitors from 157 countries on this portal। More than 1 lakh 50 thousand investors used a single window module in the context of information on their specific business matters। Out of more than 1 lakh 23 thousand applications, a total of 75 thousand 599 approvals have been provided। Of these, more than 57 thousand acceptance has been allowed by the Ministry of Development, while the Ministry of Consumer Affairs has allowed more than 17 thousand acceptance। The National Single Window System is the only medium for application of all trade-related acceptance from the government, from where applications are approved by various ministries and departments।

21. People’s Anti-Fascist-Front of Jammu and Kashmir – P.a.F.F. And all its major organizations declared terrorist organizations

Central government Under the Prevention of Illegal Activity Act Jammu K People’s Anti-Fascist-Front-P.a.F.F. And all its major organizations Terrorist organization Has declared। People’s anti-fascist-front banned terrorist faction in 2019 Jaish-e-MohammedK had emerged as a pseudo-organization। The Home Ministry has said that this front has been constantly threatening Indian security forces, politicians, and other state citizens working in Jammu and Kashmir। The Ministry of Home Affairs said that P.a.F.F. Jammu and Kashmir, along with other organizations, are involved in carrying out terrorist attacks in other major cities of India and plotting through social media। Earlier, the center on Thursday launched another terrorist organization, The Resistance Front-T.R.F. Was banned। The government has also declared Arbaaz Ahmed Mir of Lashkar-e-Taiba, currently living in Pakistan। Mir is the main accused of killing school teacher Rajni Bala in Kulgam in May last year।

22. Most complaints of ATM card with Bank Ombudsman

Bank ombudsman to 01 April to 11 November 2021 Most from customers during Complaints related to ATM-debit cards and mobile-electronic banking Found। RBI said in a recently released report that the number of complaints received during 2021-22 under Lokpal Scheme-Consumer Education and Protection Cell increased by 9.39 per cent to 4,18,184 as against 2020-21 Arrived। Of these, 3,04,496 complaints were managed by 22 Lokpal offices of RBI।

23. 2022 fifth warmest year for India after 1901: IMD

in country The year 2022 recorded the fifth warmest year since 1901 is। India Meteorological Department ( IMD ) Started keeping meteorological records from 1901 onwards। The Meteorological Department office said in a statement on India’s climate during 2022 that the annual average temperature of the ground surface was 0.51 ° C higher than the long-term average, Which is the average temperature for the period 1981–2010। However, it was lower than the maximum hot days recorded in India in 2016 when the average temperature rose to 0.71 ° C। The winter season of the year 2022 – was normal during January to February with an anomaly of -0.04 ° C at the all-Indian level। Temperatures during the first March to May of the monsoon were higher than normal, with an anomaly of 1.06 ° C।

24. Former Australia female captain and veteran batsman Belinda Clarke unveils her statue

Sydney Cricket Ground ( SCG ) In the premises of Australia Former female captain and veteran batsman of ( Australia Women Cricket Team ) Belinda Clarke ( Belinda Clark) has unveiled its statue। A bronze statue of him was unveiled at the stadium’s Walk of Honor। With this, Belinda has become the first female cricketer to have a statue। The statue was unveiled between Australia and South Africa on Thursday before the second day of the third and final test।

25. FIH made JSW a World Cup partner

International Hockey Federation (FIH ) Upcoming Odisha Hockey Men’s World Cup 2023 Bhubaneswar-Raurkela Indian Company Group for Jsw Has made its global partner। FIH recently announced this। JSW Sports founder Parth Jindal commented on this partnership, saying that it is a matter of great pride that the Hockey World Cup is being held in India। Hockey is a sport that is in the heart of every Indian and watching it happen in the same state ( ODisha ) that has revived the sport in our country, Makes it even more special।

26. Jayadev Unadakat took a hat-trick in the first over of the match in Ranji Trophy

Saurashtra team Captain of Jayadev Unadakat Ne Ranji Trophy History has been made in comparison to। Jaydev Unadkat landed bowling on the field against Delhi Hatrick in the first over of the match Has made history with। Unadakat has already hit three wickets in the over and prevented Delhi’s team from making a strong start। He has become the first bowler to take a hat-trick in the first over of the match in this domestic tournament। Jaydev took 8 wickets against Delhi for 39 runs in 12 overs in the first innings।

27. Italian veteran football player Gianluca Viali dies

Italy K Former football player Gianluca Viali Has died at the age of 58। Gianluca Viali was diagnosed with cancer in the year 2017। He died due to cancer। He had several big records in his football career। Gianluca Viali played a total of 59 matches for the Italian national team in his career। Gianluca Viali scored a total of 16 goals while playing for the Italian team from 1985 to 1992।