Topic Of The Day:-“Streaming for students

It suggests concrete steps to ensure a mindset change, such as having a separate stream for vocational education (in secondary education), creating vocational schools and vocational colleges for upward mobility, and having a Central university to award degrees and diplomas. Streaming would mean that the ‘diploma disease’, which is resulting in growing tertiary enrolment along with rising unemployment among the educated, would be stemmed. China, for instance, has such a separate stream after nine years of compulsory schooling, and half the students choose VET at the senior secondary level (after class nine).

This requires a serious engagement of employers. Private vocational training providers (VTPs) that mushroomed as private industrial training institutes (ITIs) and National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC)-financed short-term training providers are no substitute for industry-employer engagement with each pillar of the VET ecosystem: secondary schools; ITIs, public and private; NSDC-funded VTPs; ministries that train, and firms that conduct enterprise-based training.


1) Stemmed

Meaning: Originate in or be caused by.

Example: “Many of the universities’ problems stem from rapid expansion”

Synonyms:Have its origins in
Antonyms:Cause, Give rise to

2) Mushroomed

Meaning: Increase, spread, or develop rapidly.

Example:  “Environmental concern mushroomed in the 1960s”

Synonyms:Proliferate, Grow/develop rapidly,
Antonyms:Contract, Fail