Q:1.In a certain code language ‘allow children to play on the ground’ is written as ‘play allow on children the to ground’ then how will  ‘the do open not electric touch wires ‘ be coded from that language?

  1. A) not the electric do touch open wires
  2. B) do not touch the electric open wires
  3. C) do not touch the open electric wires
  4. D) not the do electric touch open wires


Q:2.If wall is called window, window is called door, door is called floor, floor is called roof and roof is called ventilator, What will a person stand on ?

  1. A) Window                                      
  2. B) Wall
  3. C) Floor                                       
  4. D) Roof


Q:3.If in a certain language CHARCOAL is coded as 45164913 and MORALE is coded as 296137, how are the following words coded in that language ? REAL

  1. A) 8519                                        
  2. B) 6713
  3. C) 6513                                        
  4. D) 6719


Q:4.If MISTAKE is coded as 9765412 and NAKED is coded as 84123, How are the following words coded ? DISTANT

  1. A) 3765485                                         
  2. B) 4798165
  3. C) 3697185                                         
  4. D) 4768296


Q:5.In a certain code language, ‘851’ means ‘good sweet fruit’ ; ‘783’ means ‘good red rose’ and ‘341’ means ‘rose and fruit’. Which of the following digits stands for ‘sweet’ in that language ?

  1. A) 8                                                   
  2. B) 5
  3. C) 1                                                   
  4. D) 3


Q:6.In a certain code ja ki mo pe means at a frog’s leap, mo la ki so means take a leap ahead and re bo ja na means insects are frog’s diet. which of the following is the code for at in that language?

  1. A) ja                                                   
  2. B) pe
  3. C) bo                                                    
  4. D) re


Q:7.In a certain code PARINATH is written as QFQHOBSG and POLE as QPKD, how will SYNDROME  be written in that code?

  1. A) RXOEQNNF                                    
  3. C) TZMCSPKD                                         


Q:8.In a certain code language “TEARS” is written as “UGDVX”, then “SMILE” would be written as:

  1. A) TOLPJ                                             
  2. B) TOLNG
  3. C) TOJPJ                                             
  4. D) TOKNH


Q:9.In a certain code language, “Tom Kun Sud” means “Dogs are barking” , “Kun Jo Mop” means “Dogs and horse” and “Mut Tom Ko” means “Donkeys are mad”. Which word in that language means “barking”?

  1. A) Sud                                             
  2. B) kun
  3. C) Jo                                                      
  4. D) Mop


Q:10.In a certain code GUIDE is written as 49132 and BEAM is written as 8257. How is IMAGE written in that code?

  1. A) 17542                                             
  2. B) 15742
  3. C) 27541                                             
  4. D) 18542


Q:11.In a certain code STAR is written as 5$*2 and TORE is written a $32@. How is OATS written in that code?

  1. A) 3*5$                                             
  2. B) 3*$5
  3. C) 3$*5                                             
  4. D) 35*$


Q:12.In a certain code MADHYA PRADESH is written as MDYAHA PAEHRDS and  SRI LANKA is written as SRI LNAAK. How is TAMIL NADU written in that code?

  1. A) TLMIA NDAU                                   
  3. C) TMLIA NDAU                                   


Q:13.In certain language, CHAMPION is coded as HCMAIPNO, how is NEGATIVE coded in that code ?

  1. A) NEAGVEIT                                   
  3. C) MGAETVIE                                   


Q:14.In certain code, TOGETHER is written as TCJRGEQR. In the same code JOINING will be written as?

  1. A) EPGPGQH                                             
  3. C) HQGPGPE                                             


Q:15.In a certain coding language, iF GO = 32 & SHE = 49 then SOME will be equal to ?

  1. A) 56                                                      
  2. B) 58
  3. C) 62                                                      
  4. D) 64


Q:16.In a certain code language ‘how many goals scored’ is written as ‘5397’; ‘many more matches’ is written as ‘982’; and ‘he scored five’ is written as ‘163’. How is ‘goals’ written in that code language ?

  1. A) 5                                                       
  2. B) 7
  3. C) 3                                                       
  4. D) Data is not sufficient


Q:17.In a certain encryption pattern, HARD is coded as 1357 and SOFT is coded as 2468, What will 21448 stand for ?

  1. A) SHAFT                                             
  2. B) SHOOT
  3. C) RAFTS                                             
  4. D) ROOTS

Q:18.In a certain code DOWN is written as ‘5@9#’ and NAME is written as ‘#6%3’. How is MODE written in that code ?

  1. A) 6@53                                             
  2. B) %@53
  3. C) 53%#                                             
  4. D) %#35


Q:19.If in a language RAT is coded as “@$&” and HEAD is coded as “%*$#” then THREAD is coded as what ?

  1. A) #$*@%&                                            
  2. B) @#%$*&
  3. C) &%@*$#                                             
  4. D) &*$%#@


Q:20.In a certain code language ‘ROUTINE’ is written as ‘VMRGFLI’. How will ‘CRUELTY’ be written in that code language ?

  1. A) UPVCZLR                                              
  3. C) CVCPZRL                                              



1.Answer: C) do not touch the open electric wires

2.Answer: D) Roof

3.Answer: B) 6713

4.Answer: A) 3765485

5.Answer: B) 5

6.Answer: B) pe

7.Answer: D) TZMCSPLD

8.Answer: A) TOLPJ

9.Answer: A) Sud

10.Answer: A) 17542

11.Answer: B) 3*$5

12.Answer: B) TMLAI NDAU

13.Answer: B) ENAGITEV

14.Answer: A) EPGPGQH

15.Answer: A) 56

16.Answer: D) Data is not sufficient

17.Answer: B) SHOOT

18.Answer: B) %@53

19.Answer: C) &%@*$#

20.Answer: B) VPCVZRL


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