1. Which country recently launched the world’s largest carbon market?
A) China
B) India
C) United States
D) Russia
Answers: A) China

2. Which Indian state recently announced a free vaccination campaign for all adults?
A) Maharashtra
B) Uttar Pradesh
C) Tamil Nadu
D) Karnataka
Answers: A) Maharashtra

3. Who won the Best Actor award at the 2022 Academy Awards?
A) Bradley Cooper
B) Joaquin Phoenix
C) Leonardo DiCaprio
D) Will Smith
Answers: D) Will Smith

4. Which country recently conducted a successful missile test of its hypersonic missile, the Tsirkon?
A) China
B) Russia
C) United States
D) North Korea
Answers: B) Russia

5. Who is the current President of France?
A) Emmanuel Macron
B) Angela Merkel
C) Boris Johnson
D) Justin Trudeau
Answers: A) Emmanuel Macron