Haryana: Office of the Chief Electoral Officer launches an app named ‘Voters-in-Q’


1 Haryana: Office of the Chief Electoral Officer launches an app named ‘Voters-in-Q’

The Office of the Chief Electoral Officer, Haryana has launched an app named  ‘ Voters-in-Q ‘. Through this, voters   can get information about the queues at polling stations while sitting at home and can go to vote when the crowd is less. Haryana Chief Electoral Officer Anurag Aggarwal said that this time the Election Commission has given permission to work of ‘Voter-in-Q’ app in 30 urban assembly constituencies.

2 WHO introduced the term ‘infectious respiratory particles’ or IRP for pathogens transmitted through air.

The World Health Organization (WHO)  has  introduced a standardized term ‘ infectious respiratory particles ‘ ( IRP )  to describe airborne pathogens . The move aims to unify terminology across sectors, promote scientific and policy guidance, as well as provide information on COVID-19, influenza, measles, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and tuberculosis (TB). Like increasing awareness among people regarding respiratory infections. The WHO clarification distinguishes IRP from previously used terms such as ‘aerosol’ and ‘droplet’, which emphasize the continuity of particle size.

3 Three new archaeological sites discovered in Oragutta, Telangana

Recently  Professor K.P. Three new archaeological sites were discovered in Telangana  by a team of archaeologists led by  Rao  . A  unique Iron Age  megalithic  site  containing  over 200 monuments  , it contains a new type of megalithic monument known as ‘ Dolmenoid Cists ‘, not found elsewhere in India. It   was found at a place called Oragutta near  Bandala village in Telangana  . These “dolmenoid cists” have capstones that determine the shape of the monument as opposed to the usual square or rectangular forms. It is estimated that these monuments date back to around 1,000 BC. It has been suggested that these may be an older form of the more common square/rectangular megaliths seen in India and may be similar to European passage chambers. The team also discovered two new rock art sites in the village of Damaratogu. This includes the “Devaralband Mula” site, which contains depictions of humans or animals without weapons/domesticated animals. This suggests that these paintings may belong to the Mesolithic era (8000-3000 BC).

4 A new study from the National Center for Polar and Ocean Research (NCPOR) attempts to solve the mystery behind extremely low sea ice formation in the Antarctic.

In a recent study led by Dr. Babula Jena and colleagues   in collaboration with  the National Center for Polar and Ocean Research  (NCPOR) and  the British Antarctic Survey ,  United Kingdom , The conditions that led to an unprecedented disruption in Antarctic ice expansion and maximum annual ice retreat in 2023 are described  . The Arctic has seen a significant loss of sea ice extent over the past decade due to global warming, while the Antarctic experienced a moderate increase until 2015 and then a decline since 2016. Sea ice expansion or retreat has been extremely slow during the summer season each year from 2016 to 2023, followed by an unprecedented decline in 2023. Slow ice expansion in the Antarctic preceded the annual maximum on 7 September 2023, with ice extent of 16.98 million square km, which was below the long-term average of 14.6 million square km. The underlying cause of this observed sea ice change remains an important question for both the scientific community and policy makers. The findings show that excessive upper ocean heat contributed to reduced ice extent in 2023, but atmospheric circulation changes were also extreme and played a significant role. . Changes in wind patterns such as the extremely deep Amundsen Sea Low and its eastward shift resulted in strong northward flow in the Weddell Sea.

5 Will be able to apply for multiple entry Schengen visa with  long validity

The European Union  has  adopted new visa  rules, allowing  frequent travelers from India  to apply for a multiple-entry Schengen visa with longer validity. With this decision,  travel to 29 countries of Europe  will become easier.   The rules announced yesterday by the EU Delegation to India and Bhutan will make it easier for regular travelers from India to obtain visas with the new regime. The delegation said Indian nationals can now be issued a two-year long-term multiple-entry Schengen visa after obtaining and validly using the visa twice within the last three years. If there is sufficient validity remaining in the traveller’s passport, a five-year visa will be granted after the two-year visa. This will give citizens the opportunity to travel frequently without going through the visa related process. EU Ambassador to India Hervé Delfin praised the new rules and said that the EU has taken another step towards increasing people-to-people contacts with India.

6 Mukesh Dalal became the first BJP MP to win the Lok Sabha elections unopposed.

BJP candidate Mukesh Dalal has  recently  won the Lok Sabha elections without any opposition  . This is the first time in the last 12 years that a candidate has won the election unopposed. Mr Dalal’s victory from Surat parliamentary constituency is believed to be the first time that a BJP candidate has won a parliamentary election without any opposition. Interestingly, this victory comes after the recent assembly elections in Arunachal Pradesh, where 10 BJP candidates also won unopposed. After all other candidates withdrew from the race, Mr. Dalal became the only candidate to contest from Surat Lok Sabha constituency.  The candidature of Congress party  ‘s  Nilesh Kumbhani  was rejected a day earlier by the District Returning Officer due to discrepancies in the signatures of the proposers.

7 Professor Naima Khatoon is the first woman VC of AMU.

The Union Education Ministry  has   appointed Professor Naima Khatoon  as  the Vice Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) . She  is the first woman Vice Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University  . The ministry issued a notification for the appointment of Professor Khatoon after her name was approved by President Draupadi Murmu, who serves as the Visitor of the University. Presently she is the Principal of Women’s College of Aligarh Muslim University. Professor Khatoon has been appointed as the Vice-Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University for a period of five years from the date of assumption of charge or till he attains the age of 70 years, whichever is earlier.

8 UNFPA Report: 24% of India’s 144 crore population is under 14 years

 In a recent report by  the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) , India’s population  is estimated to reach 144 crores. In this,  about 24 percent of the total population of India  is in the age group of 0-14. UNFPA has released its State of the World Population – 2024 report titled “ Interwoven Lives, Threads of Hope: Ending Inequalities in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights ”. In this report, India’s population has been estimated to double in 77 years. According to the report, India is the most populous country globally with an estimated population of 144.17 crore. Whereas China is in second place with a population of 142.5 crores. During the last census conducted in 2011, India’s population was recorded at 121 crore.

9 Khongjom Day celebrated in Manipur

Khongjom Day  celebrated  in  Manipur . On this occasion,   tribute was paid to the heroes martyred in the 1891 war against the British . The main ceremony   was held at the Khongjom War Memorial complex  in  Thoubal district . Khongjom Day   is celebrated every year on 23 April .

10 Release of the first Patient Safety Charter

Recently  the World Health Organization (WHO)  released  the  first  Patient Safety Rights Declaration at  the Global Ministerial Summit on Patient Safety . This is the first declaration to outline patients’ rights in relation to safety. This will help both governments and hospitals in formulating necessary laws, policies and guidelines to ensure patient safety. The Declaration outlines the fundamental rights of patients in the context of health care and aims to assist governments and other stakeholders to pay special attention to the problems of patients and ensure the protection of their right to quality health care. This declaration includes 10 patient safety rights to reduce risks and prevent unintentional harm.

11 Veeranam Lake of Chennai

According to data from the Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (CMWSSB)  , Veeranam Lake, the primary water source for Chennai,   has dried up. Veeranam Lake, an important water source for Chennai, is located in Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu. 14 km. With its length it was considered one of the longest man-made lakes in the world. The source of Veeranam’s water is the Kollidam River, a northern tributary of the Kaveri River, where the Vadavaru River connects both Veeranam and Kollidam. It was built by the Chola prince Rajaditya Chola between 907-955 AD. He named this reservoir after his father’s title – Veeranarayanan. It is included in Kalki’s historical novel “Ponniyin Selvan”.

12 Fossil of giant snake found in Gujarat

Recently,  paleontologists in India have discovered the fossil remains of  a  giant snake that lived  about  47 million years ago in the swamps of Gujarat  . Researchers reported that  Vasuki indicus  took on  the largest known predator, the infamous  Titanoboa . The newly identified species, Vasuki indicus, belongs to the now extinct Madtsoiidae snake family. It is a  Gondwanan  terrestrial snake that lived during the warm middle Eocene period, spanning from the Upper Cretaceous (100.5 to 66 mya (million years ago)) to the Late Pleistocene epoch (0.126 to 0.012 mya). Fossil remains estimate its length to be between 10.9 and 15.2 metres, longer than even the largest modern snakes. The discovery sheds light on the evolution of large body size, which was likely influenced by the high temperatures in the tropical regions of that era.

13 Archery World Cup 2024 starts in Shanghai, China

Archery World Cup 2024  is starting in Shanghai, China  . Three-time Olympian  Deepika Kumari  will present the Indian challenge in the Archery World Cup. India has sent a sixteen-member archery team of eight men and eight women for the first phase of the World Cup to be held from 23rd to 28th of this month. Deepika Kumari topped India’s archery selection competition in the month of March. She will participate in the women’s recurve archery competition. Dhiraj Bommadevara,  who secured India’s sole archery quota for the Paris 2024 Olympics,  and Tokyo Olympians  Tarundeep Rai and Praveen Jadhav  will lead India in the men’s recurve event. Two-time Olympian  Atanu Das  failed to make it to the World Cup.

14 World Book Day: 23 April

Every year,  World Book Day  or International Book Day or World Book and Copyright Day  is organized by  the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) . World Book Day is being celebrated since 1995. The idea of ​​celebrating World Book Day on the death anniversary of writer Miguel de Cervantes was given by a writer Vicente Clavel Andres. Initially his birth date 7 October was proposed as World Book Day. But the death anniversaries of William Shakespeare and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega are also on 23 April, hence  the 23rd  was chosen for World Book Day. However, Shakespeare actually died 10 days after Cervantes. This was because at the time Spain used the Gregorian calendar and England used the Julian calendar.