1. Ascariasis is caused by __.

 A. Flat worm

 B. Round worm

 C. Protozoa

 D. Porifera

(Ans – B)

  1. NERAMAC, which was seen in the recent stimulus package, is associated with which sector?

 A. Agriculture

 B. Health

 C. Tourism

 D. Sports

(Ans – A)

3 . Three persons are walking from a place A to another place B. Their speeds are in the ratio of 6: 7: 8 . What will be  time ratio to reach B by these persons ?

 A. 16: 17: 18

 B. 28: 24: 21

 C. 36: 47: 28

 D. 26: 27:28

(Ans – B)

  1. A and B are married and of these A are male. A is D’s father, but D is not his daughter. E is the grand daughter of A. C has only one daughter. A is F’s father. B is the daughter-in-law of A and has only one child. The family consists of only two married couples and only six members.

How is B related to C?


 B. Daughter

 C. Daughter in law

 D. Son in Law

(Ans – C)

5 . The best synonym for guard:

 A. Stare

 B. Protect

 C. Make possible

 D. Injure

(Ans – B)