1. What are the main colors in photography?

 A. Red, Blue, Yellow

 B. Red, Yellow, Green

 C. Red, Blue, Green

 D. Blue, Yellow, Green

(Ans – C)

  1. Which institution has launched a new scheme named ‘FASTER’ or ‘Fast and Secure Transmission of Electronic Records’?

 A. Reserve Bank of India

 B. Supreme Court of India

 C. Election Commission of India

 D. Central Bureau of Investigation

(Ans – B)

  1. 32.28% of 342.8 + 64.56% of 129.04 = ? % of 959.97


 B. 30

 C. 35

 D. 40

(Ans – A)

  1. Quantity of water in a pond is doubled every hour. It becomes full in 10 hours then in how much time it will be filled half?

 A. 5 hrs.

 B. 6 hrs.

 C. 9 hrs.

 D. 4 hrs.

(Ans – C)

  1. Which is a synonym of fiat?

 A. Error

 B. Decree

 C. Panic

 D. Acceptance

(Ans – B)