1.Recently which diplomat has been appointed by the Government of India as its permanent representative in the United Nations?
a. TS Tirumurthy
b. Rahul Sachdeva
c. Nirmal Tyagi
d. Mohan Lal

ANSWER: a. TS Tirumurthy

2.Recently, which awareness campaign has been called by the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare through which awareness campaign for integrated soil nutrient management?
a. Mission Soil
b. Mission Nutrition
c. Mission Mode
d. Mission welfare

ANSWER: c. Mission Mode The

3.According to the ‘Lost at Home’ report recently published by which organization, about 33 million people have been internally displaced in the year 2019?
a. International Labor Organization
b. United Nations Children’s Fund
c. Food and Agriculture Organization
d. world Bank

ANSWER: b. According to the

4.Recently American magazine Forbes has released Forbes India Billionaires List 2020. Who is first on this list?
a. Cyrus Poonawala
b. Gautam Adani
c. Sunil Mittal
d. Mukesh Ambani

ANSWER: .d. Mukesh Ambani has

5.The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) has extended the term of which actress as National Goodwill Ambassador by two years?
a. Dia Mirza
b. Shraddha Kapoor
c. Parineeti Chopra
d. Taapsee Pannu