Talent Hunt Answers 21/12/2018


1.What is the name of Indian citizen imprisoned in Pakistan’s jails for six years, who have recently returned?
a Hamid Ansari
b. Shahid Aslam
c. Anil Tripathi
d. Vikram Chaubey

ANSWER: a. Hamid Ansari
Description: Indian national Hamid Ansari, imprisoned in a Pakistani jail, has returned to his country on 18 December. Ansari was sentenced to travel for espionage and without documents, in Pakistan. After that, after 6 years, their return has come back.

2. Recently, which country’s company Kalyanikov has introduced ship detection drones from 100 km away?
a China
b. Russia
c. America
d. Israel
ANSWER: b. Russia
Description: AK-47 Gun maker Russia’s company Calyanikov has introduced two smart drones to monitor the country’s assets in the Arctic region. Equipped with automatic identification system, these drones can locate ships from 100 kilometers away.

3. In what country’s engineers have recently created five artificial archipelas for the purpose of giving new life to wild beings?
a Sweden
b. Canada
c. Germany
d. Netherlands

ANSWER: d. The Netherlands
Description: The engineers of the Netherlands have created five artificial archipelines for the purpose of giving new life to wild animals, which is being described as one of Europe’s biggest operations for the betterment of wildlife.

4. The 124 Indians who arrived in England from England between 1948-1973 have been given citizenship of the country, what are they considered to be the victims of the dispute?
a Windrush controversy
b. Kohlen property dispute
c. Victoria-Petersburg controversy
d. None of the above

ANSWER: a. Windrush Dispute
Statement: United Kingdom (UK) Home Minister Sajid Javid has said that 124 Indians who have arrived in the UK between 1948-1973 have been given citizenship of the country. Due to the Windrash-based dispute, the residence status of these Indians living in the UK was unclear.


5.Which state government has launched the “Education Setu” app to help the students? 
a Madhya Pradesh Government
b. Uttarakhand government
c. Government of Haryana
d. Punjab Government

ANSWER: c. Haryana Government
Details: The Haryana Government recently launched the “Education Setu” mobile app, this app has been launched to assist the students. With the help of this app, there will be transparency in the state’s education department and college administration.