1. SWERVE (VERB): deflect

Synonyms: skid, stray

Antonyms: abide, persist

Example Sentence: A lorry swerved across her path.


  1. RACY (ADJECTIVE): zestful

Synonyms: saucy, energetic             

Antonyms: sluggish, lackadaisical

Example Sentence: The novel was considered rather racy at the time.


  1. PLOD (VERB): lumber

Synonyms: slog, tramp

Antonyms: creeping, sneaking

Example Sentence: We plodded back up the hill.


4 PREPONDERANCE (NOUN):. predominance

Synonyms: prevalence, dominance              

Antonyms: disadvantage, inferiority

Example Sentence: The preponderance of women among older people is increasing.


  1. PIETY (NOUN): devotion

Synonyms: fervor, reverence              

Antonyms: agnosticism, disloyalty

Example Sentence: He believes in the acts of piety and charity.


  1. PITH (NOUN): center

Synonyms: crux, gist          

Antonyms: exteriority, insignificance

Example Sentence: He made us understand the pith and core of socialism.



Synonyms: promiscuous, libertine                      

Antonyms: ethical, righteous

Example Sentence: Edward succumbed to drink and a profligate lifestyle.


  1. PRY (VERB): poke

Synonyms: gaze, gape               

Antonyms: ignore, evade

Example Sentence: Not wanting to pry, I didn’t ask why my neighbor was moving so suddenly.


  1. RANT (NOUN): yelling

Synonyms: raving, diatribe

Antonyms: serene, tranquil

Example Sentence: Even though she made a fool out of herself during her rant, it still had a positive outcome.


  1. MYRAID (ADJECTIVE): innumerable

Synonyms: countless, endless         

Antonyms: countable, bounded

Example Sentence: Because Jacob is recovering from a stroke, he has myriad prescriptions to take.