1. CONDESCENSION (NOUN): disdain, superiority

Synonyms: civility, haughtiness

Antonyms: humility, inferiority

Example Sentence:One should never show condescension to others.


  1. EDDY (NOUN):current

Synonyms: whirlpool, tide

Antonyms: calm, rest

Example Sentence:Don’t know when will the eddy come to rest?


  1. LEAVEN(VERB):ferment

Synonyms: lighten, raise

Antonyms: darken, depress

Example Sentence:One should always try to leaven one’s knowledge.


  1. LOLL(VERB):lay sprawled

Synonyms:laze, loiter

Antonyms: straighten, energize

Example Sentence:They sing, loll  and above all they drink.


  1. HOOK (VERB):catch

Synonyms: clasp, lock

Antonyms: release, unhitch

Example Sentence:He hooked a large fish.


  1. JOCKEY(VERB):maneuver

Synonyms: handle, guide

Antonyms: mislead, mismanage

Example Sentence:He had no appetite to jockey his business dealings.


  1. CAULK (VERB):secure, usually with a length of material

Synonyms: block, barricade

Antonyms: free, loosen

Example Sentence:The sensitive area was caulked with the iron rods.


8.CONGRUENT(ADJECTIVE):agreeable, harmonious

Synonyms: conforming, concurring

Antonyms: unharmonious, disagreeable

Example Sentence:The committee reached on to a congruent decision.


  1. DISSEMBLE (VERB):disguise, pretend

Synonyms:falsify, feign  

Antonyms: unmask, disclose

Example Sentence:The little girl often dissembles her feelings .


10.DOTE(VERB):show excessive fondness

Synonyms: cherish, fawn

Antonyms: ignore, offend

Example Sentence:She doted on her two kids